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Everyday Vampire by Chris Cole

OUT NOW! Everyday Vampire by Chris Cole

My first sexual experience was in college with a dark, handsome stranger named Silas. But it turned out to be more than I bargained for when I woke up after a passionate night only to find that Silas was dead. Well, living dead. He was a vampire. And now so was I.

With the help of a book entitled The Basics of Being a Bloodsucker, I learn the tips and tricks of being undead. I learn to navigate life after life, love after love, and murder after murder to find my place in this world. As a vampire, I only need two things: to eat and to stay secret. But I’m looking for love, as well, and Silas only wants sex. So we go our separate ways.

After 150 years, though, I begin to wonder if there might be something more than just being a vampire. I could have a chance at a real human life. When Silas and I finally run into each other again, can we find a way to live forever young together? Or do we have to part ways at the door of humanity?


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The Things We Hide at Home by Nem Rowan

OUT NOW! The Things We Hide at Home by Nem Rowan

The night Tenny first meets David at the Oubliette Club is when it all begins: the lewd pictures being posted through Tenny’s door, an intruder attempting to enter his home, the feeling of being watched and followed around. David is shy, timid and inexperienced when it comes to BDSM. He stands out like a sore thumb amongst the usual club-goers and Tenny is instantly drawn to his gentle nature.

However, David doesn’t gel well with Tenny’s overtly brash best friends, all of whom believe there’s something strange about him. Tenny understands David’s awkwardness, seeing something of his former self in him, and he quickly grows fond of his new friend.

In the meantime, Tenny does his best to deal with being stalked by an unknown stranger, wanting so hard to believe David is innocent.

Tenny fails to see how someone so quiet and fragile could ever do such horrible things, and is unable to stop from falling for him. Still, the unanswered questions, David’s evasiveness surrounding his past, and co-incidental circumstances leave Tenny no choice but to confront the truth.


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Night Scenery by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! Night Scenery by Emery C. Walters

It begins with a fading odor and darkness. Lights out, dark as night. Outside the college building, there are flames, lumps of metal and flesh, and no one moving. When Asher finds his car, he’s surprised it works and he drives aimlessly, trying in vain for a radio station, any sign of life.

Recovering his wits, he parks at a truck stop and loads up with things that might be useful. In the dark, someone runs into him and urges him to flee. The thought of maybe having to repopulate the world doesn’t appeal to either of them — Asher is gay, and Sandy isn’t sure what she/he/they are.

Sandy knows a place they might hole up while the world dies around them. It’s a cabin that belongs to a friend who might be there.

Sandy’s friend Wade turns up the next day when there’s light, again. Are Wade and Sandy an item or just friends? Asher feels like odd man out, but survival is their first priority. Can relationships be sorted out, later?


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Reglas para tirar ficha por Laura Bailo

OUT NOW! Reglas para tirar ficha por Laura Bailo

Cuando Gabriel se apunta a las jornadas de juegos de mesa con la intención de jugar tanto como pueda durante los próximos tres días, lo que menos se espera es que un hombre atractivo le acribille con la mirada en el aparcamiento. Así que cuando el mismo hombre se une a la mesa en la que está jugando, Gabriel está decidido a hacerle sonreír, incluso si para ello es necesario tirar más fichas que las incluidas en el juego.

Cuando Aitor entra en el polideportivo después de que alguien le haya robado su plaza de aparcamiento, no espera sentirse tan atraído por la misma persona a la que había decidido odiar unos pocos minutos antes. Sin embargo, mientras conoce a Gabriel a través de los juegos y el flirteo, no es capaz de ignorar esa atracción.

No hay reglas para tirar ficha, pero para Gabriel y Aitor, es un juego que puede tener dos ganadores.


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Rough Sleepers by Nem Rowan

OUT NOW! Rough Sleepers by Nem Rowan

Leon, drag performer and club owner, is attacked by a werewolf one night and loses an arm — and more, after massacring his club guests and his precious family. In a bid to escape from the horrors he committed and tormented by nightmares, he runs away from everything he knows, hiding away amongst the city’s homeless population. However, unable to stop himself from transforming when the moon is full, he’s unable to make friends, for those he does meet usually end up dead.

One night, Leon meets Ceri, a scruffy and somewhat out of place Welshman, who invites Leon to come and stay with him and Mecky, a woman who lost her husband and son to a werewolf attack. She and Ceri are still hunting the unknown perpetrator, and Leon gladly lends his own assistance, eager to atone for his bloody past in the hopes he might one day be able to have a home and family again …


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