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Love or the NFL by Terry O’Reilly

OUT NOW! Love or the NFL by Terry O’Reilly

Gymnast Frank Bethune arrives on campus already enamored with the star tight end, Bill Billingsly. Although the chances of them meeting are slim, fate draws them together, and their friendship turns to love.

Ever since childhood, Bill has dreamed of playing professional football. Though high risk to his potential career, Bill would seek out clandestine encounters with other guys when and where he could, but the first time he spots Frank, Bill knows he is someone special, someone he could possibly share a life with. If he’s drafted, will Bill and Frank be able to continue their closeted relationship, running the risk of discovery? Or will they have to part company for the sake of Bill living out his dream?

Bill knows he’ll need to use all his considerable skills learned on the field to score the life he wants off of it, too. Either way, is happiness even possible when it’s the NFL vs. love?


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Go to Him by Terry O’Reilly

OUT NOW! Go to Him by Terry O’Reilly

Twenty years ago, Trent Hardy and Dean Pennington were on the brink of a loving relationship. Then Dean’s family suddenly whisked him half-way around the world.

For a time the two tried to maintain contact, but life intervened, and they lost touch. Though he’d not heard from Dean in years, Trent still continued to hope.

Following a vivid dream in which a voice repeatedly instructs Trent to Go to him, Trent is led back to Dean, who is delighted their love has survived the long separation.

But is all as it seems? Can Trent hold onto Dean this time, or is it too late?


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Touchdown by Terry O’Reilly

Touchdown by Terry O’Reilly is now available!

Darrin Houghton, Broadway dancer, and Brad Grabosky, NFL football player, are engaged. However, Brad is reluctant to announce a date for the wedding. His excuse — he doesn’t want to be the poster child for gay rights in the NFL. Darrin is getting discouraged, wondering if he and Brad are ever going to actually hear wedding bells.

Darrin and the cast of his current musical are to perform on a float in the NYC pride parade. He asks Brad if he plans on coming to the parade. Brad says he’s sorry, but he has an important team meeting to attend.

Downhearted, Darrin heads to the parade alone. Just as he’s about to get up on the float, a commotion breaks out. Darrin turns; what he sees takes his breath away.

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.


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Best Christmas Ever by Terry O’Reilly

Best Christmas Ever by Terry O’Reilly is now available!

Bowing to his parents’ homophobic demands, Professor Henry Rodimacher always chose Christmas with his family over spending it with his partner. However, when Jeremy became terminally ill, Henry defied his family and stayed home for Jeremy’s final Christmas.

After Jeremy passes, Henry decides it’s time to mend fences, so despite a raging snowstorm, he starts the long drive home. Before he gets very far, though, he’s alarmed to see a hitchhiker out in the weather, Henry offers the man a ride, and is surprised the hitchhiker is Jimmy Wilks, a former student of his.

The heavy snow eventually forces Henry and Jimmy to leave the highway and take refuge in an abandoned log cabin. As the two hunker down to wait out the storm, they give into their mutual attraction and celebrate a wonderful Christmas together.

Can their newfound love survive once the snow thaws? Will history repeat itself with Henry going back home alone, or will the magic of their best Christmas ever live on into the New Year and beyond?


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Mirror, Mirror by Terry O’Reilly

Mirror, Mirror by Terry O’Reilly is now available!

It isn’t going to happen to Dave Fleming. No way. He isn’t going to end up growing old. He has this aging thing beat. He works out, eats healthy, takes all the right supplements. As a result, he’s a handsome man, with a killer body, and it’s going to stay that way.

But it doesn’t work. Though he’s done his best to swim upstream, Dave is swept steadily along to senior citizenship along with everyone else. In the process, he passed up chances for love. Now here he is, in his twilight years and alone, sharing his life with his faithful Labrador.

One night as Dave stands before his bathroom mirror getting ready for bed, he bemoans the fact that he was so absorbed in the physical that he’d let love pass him by. He stares at his reflection in the mirror and wishes he could go back, be young again, and experience it all once more, even for just a short time. Maybe he’d even find love.

If Dave gets his chance, will he take advantage of it and make his wish come true?


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