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Programming by Shelly Greene

OUT NOW! Programming by Shelly Greene

Simone, a female-identifying android, is part of a scientific team sent ahead of the first colony to return to Earth, which is finally habitable again after centuries of radiation recovery. She mostly finds her human crewmates irritating, and the most irritating by far is Dr. Lucy Zhong, who slowly becomes Simone’s best friend, more important to her than anyone else has ever been.

When Lucy is fatally injured, she kisses Simone during her last moments of consciousness. Only then does Simone realize they may be more than friends. To save Lucy, Simone places her in the last functioning cryo-pod, even though this means sacrificing another crewmember. Simone’s programming should not permit that kind of choice, but if this is a malfunction, Simone doesn’t care as long as it saves Lucy.

When the colony ship arrives, Lucy is revived, and discovers it’s her turn to play rescuer, as Simone has been slated for deactivation. Does the android’s “malfunction” mean she returns Lucy’s feelings? If Lucy can’t save her beloved Simone, she’ll never find out.


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Stations of Life by Chloe Spencer

OUT NOW! Stations of Life by Chloe Spencer

Juniper “June” and Eloise have been together since they were fifteen, and have been married for four years. When they first became friends, June fell in love with Eloise’s bubbly personality, but now, she can only see her wife’s flaws: recklessness, impulsiveness, and the ability to make any situation more complex than it should be. Fed up, June declares she wants a divorce and leaves.

But the universe has other plans for her.

When June boards the light rail home one day, she falls asleep and wakes up in a realm comprised of her own memories. Unable to escape, she’s guided by a younger version of herself, who she calls “Young June.” Although June is certain she wants to end her marriage, her younger self tries to convince her otherwise by showing her major events in her history with Eloise.

But as their journey continues, June grows more stubborn and fails to recognize her own mistakes. Will she ever own up to the things she did wrong? Will she want to reconcile with Eloise? Or is it too late?


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Sometimes She Gets Lucky by La Toya Hankins

OUT NOW! Sometimes She Gets Lucky by La Toya Hankins

Nona Essex had no idea she would find the woman to ignite the embers of her heart after a break-up at her sorority sister’s wedding reception. But her annoyance at her tablemates’ complaints soon turns to arousal when a honey-voiced lawyer named Vaughn sweet-talks the doubters and sparks Nona’s interest.

Conversation leads to an invitation to satisfy some late night cravings with the woman. Dinner together inspires Nona to reconsider opening herself up to the sexy woman named after a jazz legend.


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Nine Cocktails by J.V. Speyer

OUT NOW! Nine Cocktails by J.V. Speyer

Boston detective and Army vet Abby Morgan got into police work because she wanted to help people, but it seems she only gets to show up after they’re past helping. When a man is murdered outside popular cocktail bar The Gin Barrel, she finds a case that isn’t quite so cut and dry as it seems … and a bartender who arouses more than just her protective instincts.

Paige Lim knows, as soon as she finds out about the body outside her bar, who the killer is. She also knows the police won’t do anything about it. They never took it seriously before, why would they start now? The pretty detective seems sincere, but Paige knows there is a whole system set up to make sure she’ll never be safe, and neither will anyone in her orbit.

Abby is determined not to let the system fail Paige again, but getting the proof they need to arrest the killer is going to take ingenuity and risk. Can they catch a murderer before he kills again?


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Amazons on Planet Nine by Davina Lee

OUT NOW! Amazons on Planet Nine by Davina Lee

Bookish astrophysicist Angela Knight occasionally hires out her services via an internet consulting site. She’s pleasantly surprised to find herself knocking on the door of attractive YouTuber Julie Jones to report for a gig.

On the surface, Julie is self-assured and apparently very friendly. But Angela soon discovers that, underneath the pleasant exterior, she’s stumbled onto a crackpot alien conspiracy theorist.

Will Julie’s outlandish theories about lost alien civilizations be enough to send Angela running for the hills, or will she take it as a chance to add some fun to her otherwise serious life?


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