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Just the Facts Volume 2

OUT NOW! Just the Facts Volume 2

JMS Books’ Trios are themed collections of three gay romance stories by a trio of authors. Each story is available separately, but readers can get all three for a discounted bundle price.

Just the Facts Volume 2 contains three thrilling mysteries sure to keep you up late turning the pages to see what happens next! Contains the stories:

B4: The Bingo Murders by Shawn Lane: Sean Callahan and Andy Mantegna, are investigating the murder of an elderly lady. It looks like they might have another serial killer even though Haydon Cliff hasn’t recovered fully from the killings of a few months before. They connect the case to a weekly bingo game. As their romance heats up, there are more victims. Plus they have the added fear of being split after they close the case.

Bliss by Gordon Phillips: Private investigator Ian visits his friend, but discovers him in his bedroom, deceased. With no signs of a struggle, Ian must determine the cause of his friend’s death. To do this he faces an unlocked front door, a handsome but taciturn bodybuilder asleep on the couch at the time, and a police detective who shows increasing signs of interest in Ian himself.

Unable to Move On by Katharine O’Neill: When Dominic loses his husband, he’s left with just his daughter. Then his brother-in-law says Lewis left everything to him and Dominic and Harriet are to leave within the month. His neighbor Richard, an FBI agent, focuses on keeping Dominic and his daughter in their home and not out on the street, but as the attempts to get rid of Dominic intensify, so do Richard’s feelings for Dominic.


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An Education by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! An Education by Katharine O’Neill

Rena and Tracey mean to spend Christmas with their respective partners, only to find out Rena’s boyfriend and Tracey’s girlfriend are planning on spending Christmas with each other. Jilted and betrayed, Rena and Tracey decide to spend Christmas alone, together.

A couple of glasses of wine later, and both are willing to forget everything about their ex-partners. Maybe it’s the alcohol talking, but Rena’s curious to know what it’s like to make love to a woman. And Tracey is happy to oblige.


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Snowed In: Michael and Spyros by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! Snowed In: Michael and Spyros by Katharine O’Neill

Six women have been murdered, and Michael is nowhere near knowing who killed them. But he is certain the barman Spyros is involved in some way. If only he can stop thinking with the wrong brain whenever he’s around the man.

Spyros wishes he wasn’t sexually attracted to the police officer who arrested him for murder. The feeling builds whenever they’re around each other.

After they’re snowed in at the Derbyshire Dales building, the men find themselves together more than they should. Spyros has no idea if this is a blessing in disguise for him, while Michael toys with the idea of giving in to his attraction is worth it. One’s a suspect; the other’s the law. Not the ideal combination for a perfect relationship. But can they make it work?


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A Day to Remember by Katharine O’Neill

A Day to Remember by Katharine O’Neill is now available!


Months after ending a long-term relationship, Bryony Murphy still lets it control her. She’s scared to let anyone else in, just in case her ex Tara comes back to torment her again.

It isn’t easy to keep her heart to herself around beautiful journalist Georgia Bing, who works with Bryony on the TV show Crooked Cowboys. Georgia makes Bryony want to forget everything else and enjoy simply her.

After a one-night stand with Bryony, Georgia wants more with the lovely researcher. She knows Bryony’s hurting, but she also knows of Bryony’s past. Georgia is willing to go slow at first, but soon the sexual tension becomes too much to bear and she just has to make Bryony her own.


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