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Cowboy Blues by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Cowboy Blues by Jamie Craig

As a rising star on the professional rodeo circuit, Spencer Cole risks his life every night in his quest to become one of the most elite bull riders in America. That all changes on a devastating Fourth of July when a terrible accident brings his future into sharp question.

For five years, Rebecca Rankin’s annual trysts with Spencer have been the high point of her Independence Day celebrations, but the timing was never right to seek out more. Now, she’s thrust into the role of nursemaid for a bitter, angry cowboy who believes he’s lost everything.

But Spencer needs more than a nurse. He needs somebody to show him his life didn’t end when his career did. Because courage isn’t about how long the bull ride is. It’s about getting back up after the ride is over.


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Master of Obsidian by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Master of Obsidian by Jamie Craig

A dark new drug on the streets of Chicago threatens to overwhelm the city’s vampires and unleash chaos and carnage. Widespread use of ‘obsidian’ will turn the city into a bloodbath, and only two men can save the city before it’s too late — Gideon, a vampire fighting to maintain the balance between good and evil, and Jesse Madding, his human assistant. When Gideon is unknowingly dosed by the drug, he attacks Jesse with all the pent-up desire he has for his best friend — and changes everything between them.

While negotiating this strange new dynamic of desire, submission, bondage, and pain, they race to contain the violence threatening to destroy vampire and man alike. But can they find the source of this powerful drug before their own passion and growing emotions take them over completely?


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A Hidden Beauty by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! A Hidden Beauty by Jamie Craig

Student of letters, Micah Yardley wants one thing: to meet the poet Jefferson Dering. After hearing his idol speak at Harvard, Micah travels to Jefferson’s home in nearby Wroxham, entertaining visions of discussing poetry over dinner and drinks. What he experiences exceeds anything he ever anticipated.

Jefferson finds Micah mesmerizing and passionate, everything he has ever wanted. But after getting caught in a compromising position with another young man a decade earlier, he exiled himself from Boston and from affairs of the heart. Jefferson represses his longing for Micah, but his tumultuous emotions cannot be contained.

Micah denies the truth of his desire for Jefferson. Jefferson refuses to act on his passion for Micah. But all it takes is a single kiss in Wroxham’s haunted church to change the course of their lives … and ignite the flame that could fulfill a generations-old promise.


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Pas de Deux by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Pas de Deux by Jamie Craig

Hotshot defense attorney James Scott always follows his gut — even when it tells him an obviously guilty man is a victim himself. Homicide detective Owen Duke doesn’t have time for gut feelings — he lives by logic and evidence. And all the evidence tells him that Scott’s client is guilty of the cold-blooded murder of a young ballerina.

Scott, a notorious media darling, is willing to risk his reputation and his career on the kid’s innocence. But his undeniable charm is not enough to save his client’s life. He needs Owen Duke, a man who stands for truth and justice, even if the detective hates Scott and his gut feelings.

What’s supposed to be an open-and-shut case quickly becomes a quagmire of lies, murder, and rotting corruption. Suddenly, instead of being a thorn in Duke’s side, James Scott is the only person in San Francisco the detective can trust. As the attraction between them deepens, they race to save an innocent man, but can they save their own hearts in the process?


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