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Flawed by Iyana Jenna

OUT NOW! Flawed by Iyana Jenna

Alex Nathaniel is a bouncy, gorgeous model. One day he gets a chance to have a photoshoot with famous model Jake Lawrence. Lawrence is like a Greek god with his sculpted jaw and muscled chest, and to say that Alex is excited is an understatement.

This news, however, doesn’t sit well with Jayden, Alex’s boyfriend. Jealousy fills his heart, but he’s curious, too. He browses the internet for Lawrence, which makes him even more intrigued by the man.

What happens to Alex when Jayden’s curiosity turns more serious?


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A Boyfriend for Christmas by Iyana Jenna

OUT NOW! A Boyfriend for Christmas by Iyana Jenna

Cold, injured, and afraid, Oliver wants a boyfriend, a new one, who is nothing like his ex. Yet after the ordeal he experienced last time, he doesn’t want to get burned again.

Little does he know that Santa Claus and the Big Boss have a surprise for him in the form of Derek. When he sees the miserable condition Oliver is in, Derek is all too willing to fulfill the role of boyfriend.

But can Oliver trust Derek with his heart?


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Invisible by Iyana Jenna

OUT NOW! Invisible by Iyana Jenna

Daniel Matthews lost someone dear in the past. When he sees a young man lose his fast food dinner to a couple of bullies, he ends up buying both of them a meal. To his surprise, Liam reminds Daniel a lot of his brother, gone too soon. But the feelings Liam rouses in Daniel are definitely not the same.

Daniel offers to take him home, but Liam lies about which house is his has no home. He has nothing. Or had … until Daniel.


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Unimaginable by Iyana Jenna

OUT NOW! Unimaginable by Iyana Jenna

Callum Saxon wakes up to a totally different universe where all around him is water. Strangely he can breathe it as if it’s air. The bad thing is he can’t remember how he got there. He can’t remember himself, either.

Ainsley Carlisle is more than a man with long blond hair. He’s a unicorn shifter with secrets as widely stretched as the rainbow supposedly coming out of his rear. Ainsley won’t help Callum uncover who he is because Ainsley wants him to remember it himself.

In this new universe, Callum has to survive the creatures that live there, such as vampires, shifters, werewolves, you name it. But there’s more to Callum than meets the eye.


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A Disposable Husband by Iyana Jenna

A Disposable Husband by Iyana Jenna is now available!


Husband-for-hire Gardner Fray will enter into a short term marriage with either a man or a woman, as long as the price is right. Providing a professional — though unusual — service, he guards against emotional attachment to his partners.

Kyle Simmons, an associate at a prestigious legal firm, is desperately in need of someone like Gardner. Unfortunately, he’s still tied to a very influential ex named Antonio who doesn’t want to leave the picture.

When Gardner agrees to marry Kyle, both men find their lives changing for the better. But can they overcome the hurdles thrown their way by the abusive Antonio? More than that, can they find love?


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