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Gym Slave by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Gym Slave by Gordon Phillips

Marc is entranced by a playful exchange between two men and a woman on the street, and follows the men to their gym. On impulse he joins, but this is not a gay gym, and Marc finds himself systematically ignored. To challenge this he adopts increasingly provocative workout clothes. He is courting danger, as gym staff member Anatole tries to warn him.

But Marc doesn’t listen, because one of the gym members, Orestes, appears to be showing interest. Orestes even propositions Marc in the parking lot behind the gym. The encounter is intense, beyond Marc’s expectations. But it takes Marc down a path leading to captivity and utter degradation, which exposes him to unexplored aspects of his own inner nature.

Anatole rescues Marc, but needs rescuing himself from his own emotional suppression. Orestes re-enters the picture, and the dynamics of the threesome are sufficient to drive Marc to the edge of a personal abyss. He must choose between living the life of an ordinary gay man and that of a true “Sub.” The BDSM relationship challenges his deepest values, but will is also feed his deepest passions?


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Hurts So Good

OUT NOW! Hurts So Good

JMS Books’ Trios are themed collections of three gay romance stories by a trio of authors. Each story is available separately, but readers can get all three for a discounted bundle price.

Hurts So Good contains three M/M BDSM romances (well, one’s M/M/M)! Contains the stories:

Accepting Submission by Kris T. Bethke: When Asher loses the ability to shift into his bear, he heads to a wolf pack with the hopes that Alpha Trey can give him what he needs. Asher gets even more than he bargained for with Trey as a Dom and lover, and a pack who accepts a damaged bear. Now Asher just needs to accept himself to have a life he deserves to live.

Gym Slave by Gordon Phillips: Marc joins a new gym to expand his personal experiences, but finds these and more in a back-lot encounter from which he is rescued by Anatole, a gym staff member. In a journey of captivity and degradation, Marc discovers disturbing aspects of his own nature and must choose between ordinary life and that of a “Sub” in a relationship that challenges his deepest values but feeds his deepest passions.

Leather and Tea in London by K.L. Noone: Retired secret agent Ben will do anything for his husband. So when Simon’s brother needs help, Ben and Simon head to London. But this new mission only reminds Ben of his past. Simon wants to help Stephen, but being back home stirs up ugly memories for him, too. In London, Ben and Simon will face the past and find comfort in each other … with some leather and tea.


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Renegades from the Time Wars by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Renegades from the Time Wars by Gordon Phillips

Carl Obermeier, a cadet at the Time Corps Academy, discovers he has been admitted to his second year on Conditional status. This is due to his high “emotional liability.” He is advised to mediate and study the precepts and disciplines of the Corps. But on his first day back, his class is shown an example of Temporal Crime committed by the Time Pirates, enemy of the Ordered Society, and he is smitten by the pirate Armand’s beauty. Troubled, Carl remains true to the Corps when he is kidnapped by the pirates and meets Armand face to face.

Armand lives a free and easy life with the pirates … until he sees Carl, and realizes the cadet has fallen for him.

As the pirates deprogram Carl from the rigid tenets of the Ordered Society, the two men fall in love. But a pirate’s life is never safe, and when Armand fails to return from an Action against the OS Marines, Carl steps up to save him. Unfortunately the men are caught on either side of the Time War. Can they find their way out?


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Love Among the Stars

OUT NOW! Love Among the Stars

JMS Books’ Trios are themed collections of three gay romance stories by a trio of authors. Each story is available separately, but readers can get all three for a discounted bundle price.

Love Among the Stars contains three M/M science fiction romances that are out of this world! Contains the stories:

Miracles in Space by Kris T. Bethke: On a space station far from their homes, Terran Brody Phillips and Ssarften Sol Sousou share an evening together that turns into more when Sol discovers he’s pregnant. Brody will do anything he has to in order to keep Sol and his children with him. Can he convince Sol they are meant to be together?

Renegades from the Time War by Gordon Phillips: Carl Obermeier, a cadet at the Time Corps Academy, is on Conditional status due to emotional tendencies. Ordered to study and mediate to train himself out of this, he sees and falls in love with Armand, one the Time Pirates, enemies of the Ordered Society that the Corps serve. Kidnapped by the pirates, he and Armand fall in love. But both are caught between the two sides of the Time War.

See Ya, Space Cowboy by J.V. Speyer: Genthry escapes his own execution when strangers blow up the prison. He’s almost taken into custody by handsome marshal Dryath, but when the mob closes in, he rescues Dryath and takes him hostage instead. Now they’re both on the run. Can they find their way to safety and happiness, or will these enemies sell each other out first?


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Bliss by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Bliss by Gordon Phillips

Private investigator Ian visits his friend unannounced, only to discover the man lying in bed, not asleep but dead. Ian resolves to find out how his friend died and, if he was murdered, to bring the killer to justice.

But the details of the case are bizarre: the door of the condo unit is locked and the only other occupant is a bodybuilder, Horst, found sitting on the living room couch, half asleep or drugged. Ian calls 911 and the cops, when video footage showing no one entered or left the condo around the time of death, fixate on Horst as the most likely suspect.

Ian is convinced Horst is innocent and offers his services to help the police solve the mystery of his friend’s death. But the situation is complicated, not only by the self-contradictory nature of the physical evidence, but by the fact that Ian increasingly finds himself drawn to Horst. Worse, the lead police detective shows increasing signs of interest in Ian himself.

Love and death become strangely intertwined, their resolution not easily discovered. Is Horst as innocent as Ian believes? Can Ian help solve the locked-room mystery?


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