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Bliss by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! Bliss by Gordon Phillips

Private investigator Ian visits his friend unannounced, only to discover the man lying in bed, not asleep but dead. Ian resolves to find out how his friend died and, if he was murdered, to bring the killer to justice.

But the details of the case are bizarre: the door of the condo unit is locked and the only other occupant is a bodybuilder, Horst, found sitting on the living room couch, half asleep or drugged. Ian calls 911 and the cops, when video footage showing no one entered or left the condo around the time of death, fixate on Horst as the most likely suspect.

Ian is convinced Horst is innocent and offers his services to help the police solve the mystery of his friend’s death. But the situation is complicated, not only by the self-contradictory nature of the physical evidence, but by the fact that Ian increasingly finds himself drawn to Horst. Worse, the lead police detective shows increasing signs of interest in Ian himself.

Love and death become strangely intertwined, their resolution not easily discovered. Is Horst as innocent as Ian believes? Can Ian help solve the locked-room mystery?


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Just the Facts Volume 2

OUT NOW! Just the Facts Volume 2

JMS Books’ Trios are themed collections of three gay romance stories by a trio of authors. Each story is available separately, but readers can get all three for a discounted bundle price.

Just the Facts Volume 2 contains three thrilling mysteries sure to keep you up late turning the pages to see what happens next! Contains the stories:

B4: The Bingo Murders by Shawn Lane: Sean Callahan and Andy Mantegna, are investigating the murder of an elderly lady. It looks like they might have another serial killer even though Haydon Cliff hasn’t recovered fully from the killings of a few months before. They connect the case to a weekly bingo game. As their romance heats up, there are more victims. Plus they have the added fear of being split after they close the case.

Bliss by Gordon Phillips: Private investigator Ian visits his friend, but discovers him in his bedroom, deceased. With no signs of a struggle, Ian must determine the cause of his friend’s death. To do this he faces an unlocked front door, a handsome but taciturn bodybuilder asleep on the couch at the time, and a police detective who shows increasing signs of interest in Ian himself.

Unable to Move On by Katharine O’Neill: When Dominic loses his husband, he’s left with just his daughter. Then his brother-in-law says Lewis left everything to him and Dominic and Harriet are to leave within the month. His neighbor Richard, an FBI agent, focuses on keeping Dominic and his daughter in their home and not out on the street, but as the attempts to get rid of Dominic intensify, so do Richard’s feelings for Dominic.


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The Fool by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! The Fool by Gordon Phillips

Keith, single and in his thirties, is given a paid tarot reading session with a top psychic for his birthday. Unexpectedly, after the Lovers card is drawn, the reading produces four nines in a row, which the psychic says is a strong message from the universe. To find love, Keith must keep his eyes open for occurrences of nine.

On his way to meet up with his friend George, Keith meets George’s friend Zvika, someone he has always found unnerving. As Keith also gets to know Zvika, though, he finds himself drawn to the enigmatic man. But they are unalike, and while opposites might attract, can they live happily ever after? Is the persistent number nine a problem or a solution?


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In the Cool of the Evening by Gordon Phillips

OUT NOW! In the Cool of the Evening by Gordon Phillips

When recent college graduate Mark decides to visit to Europe to see the culture, a friend gives him a letter of introduction to an elderly man in Paris who “might be worth visiting.”

During their visit, the Parisian reads Mark a letter from a friend about a heart-breaking romantic gay encounter in a tiny Balkan town. Years have passed and the letter writer can’t find the town or person again, and has been haunted by this loss ever since.

The letter remains with Mark even after he returns home. It opens his eyes to sights and people he wouldn’t normally pay attention to. Can the new life lessons he’s learned help him in his own search for lasting love?


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Snowed In: Matt and Jens by Gordon Phillips

Snowed In: Matt and Jens by Gordon Phillips is now available!

Handsome detective Jens barely escapes with his life in the course of his work and has no choice but to land his damaged Cessna at an abandoned airport. Suffering from snow blindness and ill equipped to survive arctic conditions, he collapses at the entrance of an occupied building. Rescued and attended to by the sole occupant, Jens recovers, and is ready to unravel the mysteries surrounding his rescuer.

Maintenance worker Matt found escape from a world full of pain and rejection at the closed arctic airport. He nurses Jens back to health, eager to set him on his way again. When an unexpected blizzard forces Jens to stay, is Matt clearly uncomfortable at the development. Strongly attracted to Jens, however, Matt slowly opens up and reveals his painful secrets, all except the most dangerous one … a secret that threatens to destroy their fragile relationship.

With Jens’ assistance, will Matt be able to finally overcome the pain that drove him to his separation from society, resulting in a lonely existence? How will Matt’s dark secret influence their lives? Will it destroy Jens’s career, or will it draw them closer together?


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