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Stalker by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Stalker by Edward Kendrick

When PI Jake Marshall fails to stop the abduction and subsequent murder of a client who was being stalked, he vows to do everything in his power to identify the man responsible. He’ll need all the help he can get, including Kelly, his partner in the agency, and Russ Foster, a library security guard he met at a local bar … with whom he’s becoming personally involved.

Soon, it becomes even more imperative they find the stalker when a friend of Jake’s also disappears and everything points to the stalker as his abductor.

Can Jake and Russ stop the stalker before he kills again? And how will their search affect their budding relationship, presuming the stalker doesn’t target one of them next?


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Mann of My Dreams Book 6: The Best Laid Plans by Tinnean

NOW ON OUR SITE! Mann of My Dreams Book 6: The Best Laid Plans by Tinnean

Plans. Everyone has them. Rush Dalton and Tad Jackson plan to live happily ever after. January Stephens plans to ease the hurt of a declined marriage proposal with alcohol. Josh Cooper’s plan is to conceal his feelings for Mopp. And Mopp? He simply plans to hold tight to Josh’s friendship.

Meanwhile, Eric Jameson arrives from DC with plans of his own. He intends to elicit information from Jan in an effort to find Babe, the woman who’s taken refuge with her son at the big house called the ranch. Babe plans to stay away from anyone who might try to take her little boy away from her and return him to the mysterious Dr. Pandora Gautier.

Deuce Pettigrew’s only plan is to keep the man he treasures safe and in one piece. But the thing about plans is — sometimes they just don’t work out the way you expect them to.


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Rough Sleepers by Nem Rowan

OUT NOW! Rough Sleepers by Nem Rowan

Leon, drag performer and club owner, is attacked by a werewolf one night and loses an arm — and more, after massacring his club guests and his precious family. In a bid to escape from the horrors he committed and tormented by nightmares, he runs away from everything he knows, hiding away amongst the city’s homeless population. However, unable to stop himself from transforming when the moon is full, he’s unable to make friends, for those he does meet usually end up dead.

One night, Leon meets Ceri, a scruffy and somewhat out of place Welshman, who invites Leon to come and stay with him and Mecky, a woman who lost her husband and son to a werewolf attack. She and Ceri are still hunting the unknown perpetrator, and Leon gladly lends his own assistance, eager to atone for his bloody past in the hopes he might one day be able to have a home and family again …


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Complications by Tinnean

NOW ON OUR SITE! Complications by Tinnean

In 2002, Mark Vincent, onetime senior special agent, ran into John, a troubled little boy, at a local McDonald’s. Concerned, although it wasn’t his business, he gave the kid his business card and left.

Three years later, Mark is director of his department at the WBIS and married to Quinton Mann, the former CIA spook who now writes spy novels. They’ve settled into a life of quiet domesticity and are even considering adopting a cat.

All this changes when John, now using another name, barrels into Mark’s life with a secret no one expects and on the run from an organization that wants him despite the collateral damage.

What will Mark, the man known as “the best” in the intelligence community, do when he learns what this secret is? Will it affect his relationship with Quinn? And how complicated are things going to get when Mark decides to get involved?


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The Start of a Beautiful Friendship by Tinnean

NOW ON OUR SITE! The Start of a Beautiful Friendship by Tinnean

It’s 1996, and Mark Vincent, senior special agent of the Washington Bureau of Investigation and Security, is sent on assignment to Prague to cancel the head of a terrorist organization. He has no doubt it will be a simple operation. After all, he’s the best, isn’t he?

Only another member of the WBIS gets involved, and when everything goes south — including the loss of valued members of his team — Mark vows to destroy the man responsible for this debacle.

Refused permission to return to the States and ordered to take time off to decompress, Mark heads to Paris, where he meets an attractive rent boy who introduces himself as Louis. Unable to resist, Mark, portraying an ordinary businessman, gives his name as Rick, and they spend the week together. However, neither man is what he portrays himself as.

With this unlikely pair, can this be the start of a beautiful friendship?


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