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Out of Nowhere by Robin H. Pine

OUT NOW! Out of Nowhere by Robin H. Pine

Seth tries to do his job the best he can. Yes, he’s the head of the company; yes, his meetings include playing poker; and yes, it works out fine. This time is no different, even though the news is more worrying than usual. But he’s going to take it one step at the time and be just fine. It’s more of the same in the end — talk to these people, arrange that meeting, and don’t panic anybody. The stakes are higher, but it’s nothing he hasn’t done before. And he gets to spend time at the fire station with Connor. Seth should be good.

And there’s nothing out of the ordinary on Connor’s end. It’s a normal day, spent doing normal things, with the normal people. He happens to love his life and, though some things could be better, they could also be way worse. Connor is satisfied, and nothing is going to change that.

Everything is going according to plan. There’s no reason to believe that anything has to change. Right?


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Wearing Death by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Wearing Death by Jamie Craig

When veterinarian Jeremy Reed hears a thump one night on his front step, he expects to find an abandoned animal. What he gets is battered and broken cop Brendan Wheeler. Kidnapped from his apartment five days earlier by an unknown man, Brendan now sports a vivid tattoo across his back depicting a young woman’s death, a woman nobody knows.

Until the next morning when Jeremy discovers her dead body.

Brendan wants to find the killer. Jeremy wants Brendan to survive. Someone wants both of them to pay …


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A Secret Uncovered by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! A Secret Uncovered by Edward Kendrick

Theo was twenty-five when he discovered something that would change his life — his adoption certificate, with any information about his birthmother other than her given names, Lilliana Nichole, blacked out. His father is dead and his mother away on business, so he can’t ask them why they hadn’t told him he was adopted … and why the certificate had been defaced. He decides his only recourse is to hire a private detective agency to search for Lilliana.

It doesn’t take long for Ric Baron of Moore Investigations to determine that locating Lilliana might be impossible. But he’s more than willing to give it his all for the interesting young man who asked for the agency’s help.

Soon after Ric begins his search, he receives a threatening email from someone who wants him to stop looking for Lilliana. From there, things escalate as Ric and Theo deal with the aftermath of the threat and their growing interest in each other. Can they learn the man’s identity before he discovers Theo is Lilliana’s son and goes after him? Only time will tell.


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21 Smiles by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

OUT NOW! 21 Smiles by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

Spring has sprung, and with it, smiley faces. When yellow crocuses bloom all over town in the shape of an emoji during April’s first warm days, reporter Nero Storm is sent out to discover their meaning and origin.

Nero has little to smile about himself, what with dysfunctional family drama and a tragic love life. The previous fall, it seemed as if he might have finally met the man of his dreams in dog daddy, ride share operator, and charity organizer Z. Though the two spent but ten morning and evening car rides together, sparks flew. Unfortunately, at the end of that time, Nero witnessed a crime, and Z disappeared.

Now, as the rest of the world looks forward to a new beginning promised by spring, Nero is left to wonder. Are the smiley face flowers a message for him, and will he ever see Z’s smile again for real?


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Hawk and Wolfe by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Hawk and Wolfe by Edward Kendrick

Mick Hawk awakens in an alley covered with blood from a head wound, with no memories other than his first name. According to Shorty, the homeless man who found him, he was holding a battered driver’s license, so they go in search of the owner with no luck.

Then a man approaches them on the street. His name is Richard Wolfe, and he claims he and Mick are lovers. After Richard convinces Mick he’s telling the truth, the three men set out to discover who wants Mick dead and why. A difficult task, as Mick has yet to regain his memory.

One suspect is Mick’s older brother, Trenton, who manages one of Mick’s clubs and resents the fact their father gave them to Mick instead of him. Another is the man on the driver’s license, who works for Trenton. Or …? All they have to do is figure it out, before someone tries again to take Mick out of the picture permanently.


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