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Just to Breathe by Holly Day

OUT NOW! Just to Breathe by Holly Day

Nico Allegretti has been best friends with Matt Barnes since kindergarten. There is no one more important to Nico than Matt, and while he’s known for years Matt is the one for him, he’ll never tell him. He won’t risk ruining their friendship.

On his way to meet Matt at the restaurant, a case of mistaken identity ends with Nico in the trunk of a car. When he’s released, his kidnappers give him twenty-four hours to give them what they want. The problem is, Nico has no idea what that could be.

Not knowing what else to do, he turns to Matt, who is a cop. Together they go into hiding while looking for clues. Being kidnapped doesn’t change Nico’s resolve to not let Matt know how he feels, but hiding in a small cabin together makes it hard to ignore. Matt’s small touches and compliments must mean nothing. Had Matt felt the same, he’d let him know by now … right?


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A Cure for Boredom by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! A Cure for Boredom by Edward Kendrick

Sequel to Wrong Side of the Law

Bored with the repetitiveness of his job as an actor, Dante Hathaway comes up with what he thinks is the perfect solution. He and his lover, Kade Benton, should rob a jewelry store. After all, with his theatrical training and Kade’s makeup proficiency, they ought to be able to carry it off with no problems. They do, and elated by their success, they decide to hit up a gallery next.

They are stopped in the nick of time by Dirk Steele and Maverick, who point out that they know a good deal less than they think about what it takes to pull off a successful caper. That might have been the end of their criminal careers if Dirk and Maverick hadn’t decided their theatrical skills could be useful to their team of topnotch thieves.

When they’re offered a place on the team, Dante and Kade accept, and soon discover that boredom might have been the least of their worries.


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It Takes a Photographer by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! It Takes a Photographer by Edward Kendrick

Olivia is a photographer working at Rory and Lou’s art gallery. While taking pictures at the party Clay and Quint throw to celebrate the adoption of their son, she captures what seems to be a murder in the building behind them.

Lou and Quint take it upon themselves to investigate — unofficially at first — with the help of Rory and Gideon Monahan. When they find out the presumed victim is alive and denying anything happened, they dig deeper. Things heat up as Rory goes undercover to try to learn the truth while the others delve into the backgrounds of the people involved and Olivia finds more photos relevant to the case.

Now all they have to do is find out what the photos really show, and if what looked like a murder may be even more than it seems.


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The Burdens of Truth by Etienne

OUT NOW! The Burdens of Truth by Etienne

Professor and secret government analyst Ian Sanderson’s bad day gets worse when he arrives home one miserable November evening to find an apparently incriminating photograph in a FedEx envelope in his doorway, followed by increasingly threatening photographs over the next two or three weeks. It isn’t just Ian being set up: his partner, Randy, a lieutenant colonel working on a top-secret Pentagon project, is also at risk. Someone obviously wants something, but what? And from whom?

Soon, a mysterious caller demands that Randy disclose information about the project he’s been working on. When he refuses, Ian’s and Randy’s sons, David and Paul, are kidnapped from an Amtrak passenger train. Resourceful and intelligent, the boys manage to escape-only to find themselves lost and alone in a remote wilderness. With time running out, can Ian and Randy track down their blackmailers? Or will the man known only as The Broker claim another set of victims?


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It Takes an Archaeologist by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! It Takes an Archaeologist by Edward Kendrick

Gideon Monahan is a man dedicated to what he does — recovering stolen art — to the exclusion of anything else, including a personal life. There’s a reason for that, something that happened in his past that he can’t forget.

Cole Newell is an archaeologist with a problem. He needs to find out who looted a dig he worked the previous summer, after one of the artifacts shows up at his gallery. Cole calls on Gideon to lend his expertise, which, much against his better judgment, Gideon does.

When one of the looters is murdered, they set out to find answers, with the help of Detective Quint Hawk. In the process, Cole realizes he’s attracted to Gideon, even though he’s certain the man is straight. After he helps Gideon open up about — and accept — his past, can the two men become more than friends? Both Gideon and Cole hope so, once they overcome the myriad problems facing them.


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