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Hawk and Wolfe by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Hawk and Wolfe by Edward Kendrick

Mick Hawk awakens in an alley covered with blood from a head wound, with no memories other than his first name. According to Shorty, the homeless man who found him, he was holding a battered driver’s license, so they go in search of the owner with no luck.

Then a man approaches them on the street. His name is Richard Wolfe, and he claims he and Mick are lovers. After Richard convinces Mick he’s telling the truth, the three men set out to discover who wants Mick dead and why. A difficult task, as Mick has yet to regain his memory.

One suspect is Mick’s older brother, Trenton, who manages one of Mick’s clubs and resents the fact their father gave them to Mick instead of him. Another is the man on the driver’s license, who works for Trenton. Or …? All they have to do is figure it out, before someone tries again to take Mick out of the picture permanently.


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A Long Way Down by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! A Long Way Down by Edward Kendrick

A Ghostly Investigations story

Homeless, Daw has managed to survive on the streets. That is, until a killer throws him off the rooftop where he has crashed for the night and he becomes a ghost.

Luckily Brody Ellis, also a ghost, finds him moments later, and takes him home to meet the rest of the “Ghostie Boys,” who have chosen to remain in this world.

Because Daw doesn’t know who killed him, the six ghosts put their heads together to find his murderer so he can move on. In the process, they run into Russ, a young acquaintance of Daw’s, who is another of the killer’s victims, and bring him home with them.

Will the ghosts, with some help from their human friends Mike and Sage, be able to stop the killer before he strikes again? More to the point, because of the growing attraction between Daw and Russ, will they want to move on, thus separating them for eternity, if the ghosts can prove who the man was who murdered them?


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Slim Chance by Gareth Vaughn

OUT NOW! Slim Chance by Gareth Vaughn

Sequel to Family Bonds

Settling into a stable relationship proves to be harder for Dane and Sean than dealing with monsters or murderers, so when Professor Sean starts seeing something weird — something unnatural — at work, it’s almost a welcome challenge. Except that Sean’s getting sick, too.

When Decrypter Dane agrees to investigate, he is dragged further and further into uncomfortable territory when he must pose as a student to find the source of Sean’s mysterious illness. He hates his undercover role and wants to get the job done as fast as possible, but digging into the goings on at Sean’s school uncovers a dark secret, one dating back decades and not dead yet.

Can Dane find out what’s going on, maintain his cover, and not screw up his already rocky relationship, or are their chances for success, and survival, slim indeed?


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Black Lace by L.J. Hamlin

OUT NOW! Black Lace by L.J. Hamlin

Jed Chance is the world famous lead singer of the rock band Black Lace. Once married to his best friend, he soon realised his love for her was not romantic, but they remained friends and she now manages the band. Jamie has been hugely protective of Jed since his former bandmate and lover outed him to the world.

The band faces a lineup change when their guitarist decides she wants to spend more time with her kids. Auditions start and in walks Donnie, a very talented, handsome, and openly bisexual musician. Jed vows to resist the attraction he feels for his new bandmate but finds temptation at every turn.

But lust isn’t the only thing on Jed’s mind — he has a stalker who seems intent on ending his life. Jed finds himself fighting for his band, his heart, and even his life. Can he keep all three?


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Beyond the Norm by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Beyond the Norm by Shawn Lane

Dave Johnson is closing up his bar in the early hours of the morning when he rescues a young Goth who identifies himself only as Kyle. When Dave realizes Kyle has nowhere to go, he offers to let the young man stay at his place.

Kyle is sexy and surrounded by mystery, and rather tight-lipped about it all. But he soon worms his way into Dave’s life and heart. Yet dark secrets have a way of coming out at the most inopportune times, and Kyle’s past life may catch up to the men sooner than either of them expected.


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