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Enthralled in Silver by Vivien Dean

OUT NOW! Enthralled in Silver by Vivien Dean

For over half a century, lovers Seth and Simon have been trapped in service to one of the most dangerous vampires on the West Coast. When they discover there’s a way to break the spell that binds them, getting free becomes their only desire.

Until they meet Claire, the granddaughter of the mage who enslaved them. Suddenly, seducing her seems like a much more pleasurable alternative. If they can convince her to use the magic she inherited, everybody wins.

All they have to do is survive long enough to make it happen.


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The Burning Key by Jaimie N. Schock

OUT NOW! The Burning Key by Jaimie N. Schock

Final book in the Talisman War series

Twenty years have passed since the end of The Magic Pact. Cameron is a marijuana grower who quickly becomes entangled in finding the culprits behind a series of explosions. In the meantime, he takes not one but two lovers: his boss Ezra and a dealer named Nicky.

When they can no longer stay in the city, the trio and some friends travel out into the unregulated lands of what was once the United States. They come upon distorted and mutated forests and learn of a person who turned off the magic years ago. They conclude that magic is the only thing that can eliminate the forests, and they must find this powerful person to get their help.>

Can they survive in a dangerous and foreign world? And will they find the mysterious person they’re looking for?


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Recipe for Two by Tia Fielding and Lisa Henry

OUT NOW! Recipe for Two by Tia Fielding and Lisa Henry

Wyatt Abbot is 19. On the outside, he lives the perfect life. He has a loving family, he’s wealthy, and he has just been given the opportunity to travel to Paris and train under one of the world’s best pastry chefs. But underneath all that, Wyatt is struggling. He’s battling anxiety, he’s scared of the future, and he’s struggling to come to terms with the fact that he’s genderfluid.

Izzy Kostas is 28, and on parole. When he gets a job at Abbot Organic Produce, it’s a chance for a new start. Izzy has his own demons he’s trying to overcome, but meeting Wyatt throws even more complications his way. Izzy has always thought of himself as straight, and certainly didn’t expect to fall for his boss’s little brother.

When Izzy is blamed for putting the Abbots at risk, it jeopardizes everything he and Wyatt have begun to build together. Izzy knows how important family is to Wyatt, and he doesn’t want him to have to take sides. But when it comes to found families, nobody is perfect, and there’s always room for another seat at the table.


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Dream of Me by Ray Hatch

OUT NOW! Dream of Me by Ray Hatch

Daniel Trace dreams of days to come — literally. Ever since he can remember, Daniel gathers hints and snippets of the upcoming day through his dreams. Of course, the dreams are never straight forward (and neither is Daniel), so the shy, rare book dealer spends his nights pulling together clues under the guise of a Medieval warrior or an ancient Greek fire fighter. Surrounded by an eclectic group of family and friends, he carves a refuge in his Chicago neighborhood.

Daniel’s latest dreams warn of the return of an old nemesis, but nothing prepares him for Karden Templeton, a man with eyes the color of chocolate as it melts on the tongue. Along with unending flirtations, Karden offers Daniel a proposal that will turn his orderly world upside down and ignite long-forgotten desires.

Will surrendering to Karden’s flirtations place Daniel at the mercy of an old love? Can Daniel learn to accept his gifts, and trust his awakening feelings for Karden?


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The Magic Pact by Jaimie N. Schock

OUT NOW! The Magic Pact by Jaimie N. Schock

Sequel to The Crystal Call

Kenna and Yuuki go on a mission to track down Moíra, the evil woman behind the mutations that now infect the former United States. They intend to make her pay for what she’s done, especially for torturing Dakota. Their trip on horseback is a long one, and they encounter many groups of people, some of who are definitely not friendly.

Meanwhile, Dakota and Terrell set up shop in their little fortress. But peace and quiet are interrupted by the reappearance of an enraged Odessa, who demands to know where Kenna can be found.

Will Kenna and Yuuki find Moíra, and can they handle a fight against her? Moreover, what will Odessa do if and when she locates Kenna?


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