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The Fired Gun by Jaimie N. Schock

OUT NOW! The Fired Gun by Jaimie N. Schock

Sequel to The Pyre Starter

Dakota Crossley has a job to do — he kills other magic users who pose a threat to society. Along the way he must balance being a father, having a wonderful love life, and dealing with the dwindling network of in-the-know people surrounding him.

He’s so busy, he doesn’t consider the consequences of his actions. A man with a vendetta and a secret mission puts Dakota in his sights, and everyone near him could suffer for his mistakes

Will he be able to protect the people in his life, or will it all come crumbling down around him?


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Honour by A.F. Henley

OUT NOW! Honour by A.F. Henley

Recently docked after a voyage abroad, Emmett wants only to find a warm bed and good food, for himself and the cabin boy he’s taken into his care. Those plans are impeded, however, by an altercation in the streets — with a man he realizes too late is England’s heir to the throne, Prince Andrewe.

When the encounter unexpectedly leads to a position in the royal household attending the prince, Emmett is not certain what to think. On one hand, it’s a reliable income and ensures the safety of his charge. On the other, it’s neither the life Emmett knows, nor an environment that he’s comfortable in. Left to learn his lessons the hard way, Emmett spends his days contending with a spoiled, infuriating prince who leaves him in a constant tangle of emotions.

Then he begins to hear whispers of treason and must make a choice: defend Prince Andrewe or betray him.


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The King’s Honour by JL Merrow

OUT NOW! The King’s Honour by JL Merrow

In this M/M retelling of the Grimm fairytale, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Reuben, a soldier, is on his way to the castle to offer his services to the king, who is sorely troubled with the question of his family’s honour. His wayward daughters go out dancing every night, and refuse to tell how or where.

Walking through the forest, Reuben meets a handsome woodcutter, Corin, who offers to help him unravel the mystery of the dancing princesses. With the magical aid of Corin’s grandmother, the two set out together, mindful that their journey could end in sorrow. The king offers a rich prize to anyone who can discover the princesses’ secret—but the penalty for failure is death.


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The Pyre Starter by Jaimie N. Schock

OUT NOW! The Pyre Starter by Jaimie N. Schock

Exhausted with life, Dakota tries to end his — only to be saved at the last moment by his friend Terrell, who then drags him into a world of magic and intrigue that’s always been right there, hidden beneath the surface.

Powerful magic users are steadily pulling the planet into a violent war, and evil forces will stop at nothing to take the talismans possessed by Dakota and his newfound family. Dakota soon finds himself deeply in over his head … with love, with family, with fighting for all their lives.


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Extraordinary Book 2: Homecomings by K.L. Noone

OUT NOW! Extraordinary Book 2: Homecomings by K.L. Noone

Sequel to Sundown, Holiday, Beacon

More superheroes in love! This time, it’s a complicated mission: meeting the parents.

With Holiday no longer undercover as a supervillain, they’ve made him a public part of the team … and of their relationship. But that won’t be easy. Ryan’s parents, as the team’s science support, want to know every power-related detail, and ask questions about wedding plans and the future. Holly’s supervillain parents are almost certainly no longer on this plane of reality. And John’s parents love their hero son, but aren’t too sure about his choice of partners. Still, Ryan, John, and Holly have faced worse, together.

Contains mystic portals, one set of overexcited parents, one uncomfortable dinner-party, and blueberry pie.


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