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In the Eyes of Gods and Men by Feral Sephrian

OUT NOW! In the Eyes of Gods and Men by Feral Sephrian

Beware of Groom’thulu!

Ethan won’t let anything spoil his wedding to love-of-his-life Caleb — not the complications of a Pagan wedding, not the snarky attitudes of his relatives. But when tragedy strikes Orlando mere weeks before the wedding day, Ethan is reminded how unkind the world can be.

Portland, Oregon, is a far more open-minded place than Florida, but there’s nothing to stop a crazed conservative maniac from hearing about the gayest Paganest wedding of the year and making that a target. Despite his fears, Ethan knows he must press on, because it’s Pride season, dammit, and no one is putting Groom’thulu back in the closet.

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.


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Unwanted Attention by Feral Sephrian

Unwanted Attention by Feral Sephrian is now available!

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but Kellan has received far more tricks this month than treats. Someone seems to want to make his life as horrible as possible, whether they’re breaking into his car, trying to interfere with his appointments, or leaving ominous notes for his boyfriend Matt. What starts off as a nuisance quickly becomes a nightmare.

The obvious culprit would be Matt’s ex-girlfriend Chelsie, who has a history of emotional manipulation and drama-seeking. The one problem is that most of Kellan’s misfortune happens while she’s out of town. Either she’s pulling a elaborate psychotic prank, or Kellan has somehow picked up a stalker, and a dangerous one at that.

there’s no telling what his assailant will do next. Can he keep his life together as this mysterious person does their best to tear it apart?


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Cole in Distress by Feral Sephrian

Cole in Distress by Feral Sephrian is now available!

Sequel to Darryl in Distress

Eighteen years ago, Cole’s bigot father kicked him out of their Texas ranch for being gay, threatening to shoot him if he ever came back. Fortunately, Cole made his way north to the gay-friendly Seyda Ranch in Wyoming, where he eventually met Daniel. For the past six years, the two have been in a happy relationship with barely any contact with Cole’s family.

That is, until Cole’s father dies.

Though Cole won’t shed a single tear over his father’s passing, his siblings and their families invite him to the funeral so they can all be together for the first time in nearly two decades. With encouragement and support from Daniel, Cole accepts. The pair travel to the funeral together, but will Cole be able to face his past and move beyond the pain he left behind?


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Indigo Guides the Way by Feral Sephrian

Indigo Guides the Way by Feral Sephrian is now available!


Amir has been through so many bad relationships that he finally turns to the horoscopes in his local paper for advice. They claim his happiness is around the corner, but “indigo guides the way.”

Within the hour, a man comes into the bike shop where Amir works with an indigo bike. Amir’s coworker and ex immediately invites Jae, the cute cyclist, to accompany them and their biking group on their next adventure.

Unfortunately, Jae brings along his boyfriend Declan, and Amir wonders if the horoscope meant he could learn from their relationship. At first they seem like a typical couple, but the more Amir pays attention, the more worried he becomes. His fear peaks when he finds out Jae’s bike isn’t the only thing indigo about him …


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Top in the Class by Feral Sephrian

Top in the Class by Feral Sephrian is now available!


What should have been a casual fling before Terry starts the first semester of his second degree suddenly gets out of hand when he discovers Kyle, the hot older man he met at a bar, is one of his professors. Terry doesn’t want either of them to get in trouble, but he can’t forget that wild night in his car. He’s willing to wait to pick up where he and Kyle left off.

But “Professor Weiman” is adamant about forgetting Terry exists, going as far as ignoring him during class.

Terry knows he has what it takes to be a top student. However, the more he tries to get back in Kyle’s good graces, the more Kyle pushes him away. They’ll have to confront a dark stain on Kyle’s past — and a new threat to Kyle’s career — before Kyle can let Terry be more than teacher’s pet.


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