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Craving Kismet by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Craving Kismet by Jamie Craig

Jenny Rohm thinks she has it all — a job she loves, an engagement to her high school sweetheart, a future bright with promise. Then she meets attorney Ashley Edwards and discovers desire doesn’t care how settled your life might be.

It starts with a single fantasy. His. Hers. One leads to two, two leads to three, three leads to more. Fantasizing about his wicked mouth or her sinful curves doesn’t satisfy either of them for long, though. The more Jenny gets to know Ash, the less she can deny the truths he insists on exposing.

The question remains … is it worth risking everything she has to quench the cravings? Not even Ash can give the answer to that. When it comes to what she wants, only Jenny can make the choice.


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Seamless Sky by Georgette Gouveia

OUT NOW! Seamless Sky by Georgette Gouveia

Jade Cabral strides into the 21st century as a golden guy. Brilliant and beautiful, with a California cool and a Harvard education, he is poised for wealth and success in New York’s Financial District.

But Jade harbors a secret flaw, a thirst for revenge against Señor Rodriguez, the California landowner who deprived his father – Señor’s out-of-wedlock son, John Virgil — of his family’s rightful inheritance and place in the world. Jade thinks if he succeeds in New York, he can make up for every loss and humiliation his family has endured at the hands of Señor. That searing quest leads him into the arms of Nan Spencer, a lovely, fragile socialite, and to the top of the financial world, the Twin Towers, on September 11, 2001.


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Querida by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Querida by Jamie Craig

Maddy Terrell is forty years old with an adult son and a time-consuming career. The last thing she is looking for is a relationship. In fact, all she wants is a ride — from Los Angeles to San Francisco so she can attend her niece’s wedding. But the ride she was counting on has just stood her up, and her only choice is to accept a lift from Tonio Herrera.

He’s Latino. He’s hot. He’s also twenty-four, just too much of a stretch for Maddy to even contemplate, no matter how attracted she is to him.

Tonio’s not driving Maddy to San Francisco out of the kindness of his heart. In fact, he has a very specific ulterior motive. Maddy is the most attractive woman he has ever met. After months of flirting, he’s determined that this weekend in San Francisco will finally get her attention.

Then comes the hard part — convincing Maddy he wants more than just a weekend fling.


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Married to the Invader by Katharine O’Neill

OUT NOW! Married to the Invader by Katharine O’Neill

England, 1067. The Normans have successfully invaded England, and now they’re marking out their territory.

That includes marking Dove as their property.

To save their lands from being snatched from them, her parents have sworn fealty to their new landlord, Richard of Gascony. Part of that also includes offering their maiden daughter as Richard’s wife.

Dove doesn’t want anything to do with the marriage, even if the handsome Norman nobleman makes her feel desires she never knew existed. And the night they marry, Richard shows her how to follow her desires …


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Cowboy Blues by Jamie Craig

OUT NOW! Cowboy Blues by Jamie Craig

As a rising star on the professional rodeo circuit, Spencer Cole risks his life every night in his quest to become one of the most elite bull riders in America. That all changes on a devastating Fourth of July when a terrible accident brings his future into sharp question.

For five years, Rebecca Rankin’s annual trysts with Spencer have been the high point of her Independence Day celebrations, but the timing was never right to seek out more. Now, she’s thrust into the role of nursemaid for a bitter, angry cowboy who believes he’s lost everything.

But Spencer needs more than a nurse. He needs somebody to show him his life didn’t end when his career did. Because courage isn’t about how long the bull ride is. It’s about getting back up after the ride is over.


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