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Love in Strange Times by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! Love in Strange Times by Emery C. Walters

Pandemic. Plague. Call it what you will, but it spelled stay-at-home isolation for Leo and his neighbors. Except the new neighbor. Interesting looking but probably not gay and already hauled off to the hospital. That’s how Leo ended up with his cat, and mail, and food packages. A caretaker now, and he doesn’t even know the guy.

A major storm blows up, and people start piling in: the sick neighbor’s grandson and some other kid. The old lady neighbor with a tree through her roof and her long-lost flame. So much for social distancing, particularly when sex gets into the act.

Except for poor Leo. Odd man out. Until they decide to spring the sick guy from the hospital. What could possibly go wrong?


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Shane’s Ride by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! Shane’s Ride by Emery C. Walters

Two brothers, one popular with the girls and one not. One gay, and one straight. Of course, it was Wade, the older gay brother, who was chased by girls and poor straight Shane who was unlucky and alone.

Forced by their father to be dude ranch tour guides, Wade and Shane endure an unending stream of male and female tourists with no action. That is, until the latest group arrives and the barn promptly burns down, creating a mixed bag of instant heroes — straight, gay, lesbian, transgender.

After the horses are saved and the fire burns itself out, everyone — gay and straight — pair off for the night, leaving a very frustrated and drunk Shane alone in his car. A drunken night ride may change his life forever. Love or death? What lies along those old dirt roads? Love or death?


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A Matter of Time by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! A Matter of Time by Emery C. Walters

Just finished with college, Jack Alder is on his way to beautiful Maui on a working vacation. Silently breathing a sigh of relief after his relationship with Salvador Moretti was revealed to his parents and Flossie, the girl next door who thought she was going to marry him, Jack has no idea that an adventure he could never have imagined awaits.

Flirtatious steward Randy saves Jack’s life when their planes crashes. When Randy’s boyfriend dumps him, he convinces Jack to join him on a wild ride in an old car he buys.

Along the way they meet Danny, who was rejected by his family for his sexuality, and Missy, who’s halfway toward becoming Mister. Will the four find romance with a little help from the spiritual realm?


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Romance on the Sea by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! Romance on the Sea by Emery C. Walters

Cruises are often taken for special occasions, and in this case, Lane and Roger are celebrating their divorce. Actually, they just didn’t want to lose the deposit made in happier times. They agree not to get in each other’s way if presented with any romantic or sexual opportunity.

Roger goes right out looking for sex, but Lane isn’t in a rush. With the unasked for help of a loose cat and an overly-precocious young lad, Lane bumps into Steve. After a few shared meals, shore tours, and a life-threatening storm that leaves the ship stranded in darkness, bumping turns to humping, and their relationship grows.

Shipboard romances are iffy, though. Can theirs survive a pirate invasion, a disabled ship, and a slam-the-door argument?


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Night Scenery by Emery C. Walters

OUT NOW! Night Scenery by Emery C. Walters

It begins with a fading odor and darkness. Lights out, dark as night. Outside the college building, there are flames, lumps of metal and flesh, and no one moving. When Asher finds his car, he’s surprised it works and he drives aimlessly, trying in vain for a radio station, any sign of life.

Recovering his wits, he parks at a truck stop and loads up with things that might be useful. In the dark, someone runs into him and urges him to flee. The thought of maybe having to repopulate the world doesn’t appeal to either of them — Asher is gay, and Sandy isn’t sure what she/he/they are.

Sandy knows a place they might hole up while the world dies around them. It’s a cabin that belongs to a friend who might be there.

Sandy’s friend Wade turns up the next day when there’s light, again. Are Wade and Sandy an item or just friends? Asher feels like odd man out, but survival is their first priority. Can relationships be sorted out, later?


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