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Ginger Bread by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

OUT NOW! Ginger Bread by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

Ginger the cat is the centerpiece of a lucrative entertainment and merchandising empire. A blue Christmas seems certain when his owner Katherine passes away right before Thanksgiving.

Katherine’s will appoints her loving and loyal groundskeeper Baily as executor, leaving estranged grandson Del livid. Since Del wasn’t around, it’s stipulated he must spend thirty days under the same roof as Ginger and Baily to get to know the cat as a loving companion, not just a commodity, in order to share in any inheritance.

As the men bond over the weeks leading into Christmas, Baily is unaware Scrooge-like Del is sneaking around, searching out cash and other valuables. Will they be able to make nice once Baily discovers Del’s naughtiness? Which list does Ginger end up on? And what will Katherine’s last gift to each man mean to their future?


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One Man’s Junk by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

OUT NOW! One Man’s Junk by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

Julian Junk was often teased about his last name and his father’s occupation as a garbageman. Mackensie Keller grew up privileged and spoiled. As teens, Junk and Mickey make plans for their future, but when Mickey is sent off to boarding school, he tells Junk their parents are probably right — they just don’t belong together.

Back in town ten years later, Mickey is all grown up. He and Junk reconnect as adults, but so much was said, and so much has changed. Though he asks for forgiveness, which Junk grants, though old romantic feelings are quickly rekindled, Mickey is reluctant to bring a new man into his young daughter’s life after his last relationship’s failure. He’s also harboring a secret, one that threatens to spoil upcoming Thanksgiving plans.

Once Junk discovers the source of Mickey’s dilemma, he devises a crafty plan to make everything right. Will it work out? Will Mickey accept his help, and can the two of them make a go of it with so much stacked against them?


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Ghosts of Honor by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

OUT NOW! Ghosts of Honor by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

Goose and Patrick are getting married! One year after their courtship began, months after facing death, the family is expanding, and the pair can’t wait to exchange vows, happy to have the legal right to do so, when others did not. Wedding plans ensue, but all is not well.

For starters, Jefferson and Daniel are still separated, stranded on Earth as other people. As Patrick deals with the physical and mental aftereffects of his attack, Goose becomes obsessed with reuniting his favorite pair of angels. As if that wasn’t enough, more ghosts begin to appear to Goose and Patrick, setting off a new mystery both become consumed with solving.

Who are these spirits desperate for contact? How do they tie back to Jefferson and Daniel, and will Goose and Patrick be able to bring that pair back together? Will the wedding go on if they can’t?


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Transitions by David Connor

OUT NOW! Transitions by David Connor

Being part of an Olympic skating pair should be excitement enough for one life, but for Erika that’s only the beginning. Her skating partner, Tom Alan, is her ex-husband, who fell in love with former British ice dancer Milo, and all three of them live together and raise her daughter, whose father is Erika’s ex-boyfriend, Bill, a rabid hockey fan who is old friends with Milo.


As if that’s not enough, Erika still loves Bill, loves Tom Alan, and might just love Milo, too. Add a couple of troubled teenagers to the pile, and suddenly training for the Olympics is the easy part.

But Erika’s never been a fan of the conventional, and one way or another the four of them will find a way to make their strange tangle of love, sex, and family work.


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