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Now and Forever by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Now and Forever by Casper Graham

Harley Green has never been lucky in love, but after yet another unfortunate date, he doesn’t expect to encounter a fight between a malevolent spirit and Connor Bowman, a man who claims to be a soul collector. Due to Harley’s untimely interference, Connor loses his grip on the evil spirit, who immediately escapes from the scene. Now, Harley has the responsibility to help Connor recapture that wicked spirit, and it’s difficult when he’s often distracted by how attractive the soul collector really is.

Connor has been a soul collector for more than six thousand years, but he has never been affected by a mortal’s presence until Harley. He has no idea what it is about Harley he can’t seem to shake off. Harley somehow feels really familiar to him, but he can’t remember ever meeting that man. It doesn’t matter, though. All he needs to do is remain by Harley’s side until he catches that malevolent spirit. Then he will return to the underworld. However, that’s easier said than done, and it becomes so much worse when he starts developing feelings for Harley.

Can Harley and Connor discover the link between them and work things out somehow? Or is happily ever after nothing but a fairy tale?


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Never Left Behind by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Never Left Behind by Casper Graham

Calvin Maxwell likes older men, and Turner Marsh is definitely the type of man he’s very much into.

Growing up with only his mother by his side, Calvin can’t help but be attracted toward men who are much older than him. His father abandoned him and his mother when he was only four years old, choosing to marry someone new, have kids with her, and refuse any contact with him whatsoever. It’s not strange he has abandonment issues now as an adult.

Turner has been single for nearly six years now. He was been dumped by his ex-boyfriend of almost twenty years because the man apparently needed someone fresh, someone more exciting. In other words, anyone but him.

The first time they meet, Turner is instantly attracted to Calvin and, fortunately, Calvin likes him, too. Then Turner gets the invitation to attend his ex-boyfriend’s wedding. He brings Calvin along, but doesn’t expect his ex-boyfriend to proposition his new boyfriend.

Emotions run high, threatening their new relationship. Can it survive?


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A Misunderstanding by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! A Misunderstanding by Casper Graham

Justin Wong falls in love — and lust — with Blake Ingram at first sight. Blake is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. It helps that Blake is muscular, successful, and so incredibly sweet and charming, as well. They work for the same pharmaceutical company, and their respective offices are across the hallway from each other, so they are next door neighbors. Sort of. Unfortunately for Justin, Blake already has someone special in mind. At least that’s his understanding, based on his and Blake’s conversation.

Blake thinks Justin is the most gorgeous and the sexiest man he has ever laid eyes on in his entire life. Justin is also compassionate, empathetic, and kind. Blake is absolutely infatuated with Justin. Sadly, he quickly discovers Justin is already attracted to someone else. That conversation between Justin and his best friend, which Blake accidentally overheard, is proof enough for him that Justin is off limits. He’s unwilling to be with someone who can’t fully commit to him.

Can the two men resolve this little misunderstanding?


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The Ninth Hour by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! The Ninth Hour by Casper Graham

Ivan Hart and Darren Larson are about to celebrate their ninth anniversary. Unfortunately, Darren happens to be busy that day. Following Darren’s suggestion, Ivan decides to take a trip down memory lane, visiting some of the places where the two of them have celebrated their previous anniversaries. Then he finds the perfect anniversary gift for Darren.

Darren isn’t really busy with work. He’s actually planning an anniversary surprise for Ivan, but he doesn’t want his boyfriend to know about it until the right moment. He enlists the assistance of family and friends, who know of his huge plan except for one little detail. Darren is determined to keep that a secret, but he doesn’t count on Ivan’s unexpected surprise.

What happens when Ivan and Darren eventually unveil their surprises for each other?


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Falling for His Best Friend by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Falling for His Best Friend by Casper Graham

Keenan Underwood finally reunites with Pablo Cotilla, his first ever best friend from his younger years. They begin hanging out again, spending plenty of time together. He enjoys every moment with Pablo, but doesn’t expect to fall in love with his best friend, who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Pablo has a hard time controlling himself around Keenan. Keenan is gorgeous, and the man has grown up into a hunk. Pablo doesn’t think he has a chance with Keenan because his best friend doesn’t have any romantic feelings toward him. It would be better for Pablo to conceal his real feelings rather than risk the possibility of being rejected by Keenan and also losing his best friend. But that’s easier said than done.

Can they figure out their feelings? Or are they destined to only be best friends forever?


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