Summer of My Sex Demon by Lyssa Dering

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Summer of My Sex Demon by Lyssa Dering is now available!


With no job prospects in sight, recent college grad Cade is stuck at home at his parents’ house for the summer. They’ve gone off on a three-month-long cruise, but they’ve left behind a list of strict rules and the ghost of their disappointment. Cade, who has taken his failure to secure a position hard, plans to spend all summer answering job listings.

The incubus stalking the neighborhood, however, has other plans. When he sets his sights on Cade, it’s a mental and physical tug-of-war that they’re both in for, with Cade’s human brain and body no match for the pushy demon. Cade thinks his best bet is to persuade the incubus to leave him alive once he’s done with him, but does the demon whispering sweet nothings into his ear want more than a meal?

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The “incubus” took up half of the full mattress, lying stark naked on top of the maroon comforter. He watched Cade square-on, but Cade kept watch in his peripheral, smudging his phone screen with clammy fingers as he researched incubi. If this were a dream, any text would be unreadable, right? It wasn’t.

An incubus was a sex demon who apparently tried to impregnate women in the night.

“I’m not a woman,” said Cade defiantly. His voice came out scratchy.

“Oh honey.” The incubus pouted. “Do you need some water? Let me get you some.” And he leapt off the bed and disappeared into the hallway.

Briefly, Cade considered running. But just thinking about going all that way when he felt this weak, let alone managing to bypass the incubus and get out one of the doors, had his shoulders falling. The demon would catch him. Or maybe Cade would make a scene once he got outside and Tina’s parents would call the cops and he’d end up in a mental institution. That would really make his mother proud.

He laughed to himself. Technically he was breaking her rule about guests.

“Here.” The incubus returned impossibly quickly with a glass filled with water. He pressed the glass to Cade’s lips and tilted it gently, helping Cade to sip at the cool liquid. It was the perfect temperature; it didn’t taste like tap water.

“Purified,” the incubus cooed, like he’d heard Cade’s thoughts. Could he hear them? “We can’t have you filling up on toxins if I’m going to take you as soon as you’re well.”

When Cade pulled back from the lip of the glass, the incubus set it on the nightstand.

“‘Take me?’” said Cade. As in, kidnap him?

“Oh no,” said the incubus. “I’m not going to kidnap you. We’ve got a perfectly good bed right here.” He leaned in close and whispered sharply, “This isn’t a dream, by the way.”

Cade jerked and pulled back. “Don’t touch me.”

He expected the incubus to pin him down again, force him. Instead, the incubus stood up straight and took a step back, clasping his hands in front of him. His expression went cold. “It’s taken me a long time to find someone as perfect as you to feast upon. I won’t give you up.”

Cade really was going fucking crazy. “You’re not even real.”

“I am real.” Suddenly, the incubus changed shape. He appeared as the top from the porn video Cade had jacked it to the previous night. “You were so cute, trying to make it last. But you were so sleepy, weren’t you?” The incubus stalked forward and crawled slowly onto the bed, hovering over a shrinking Cade.

Cade could only watch him wide-eyed, frozen with disbelief. How could he look just like that guy, with a cock just as big?

“So young,” said the incubus. He stroked Cade’s cheek lovingly. “So virile. I can’t wait to suck you dry.”

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