Sinfully Delicious by Kassandra Lea

Filed under: New Release Aug 2, 2018

Sinfully Delicious by Kassandra Lea is now available!


Companion to A Sinful Little Gift

This short and sweet collection of three short stories follow the amorous relationship between angel Samuel and his demon lover Flynn. Contains the stories:

Taste of Sin: Samuel finds himself returning to the City of Sin, beckoned by a burning desire to feel his lover’s touch. He doesn’t care if they’re forbidden to see each other. He desperately wants to be close to Flynn. To give in, to relinquish his power and submit to another. Will his wish come true?

Dripping in Sin: The sensual duo is back in each other’s arms. With every meeting, they risk the discovery of their affair and the repercussions that would follow. But love conquers all. Besides, how can Flynn say no to a rendezvous?

Let’s Dance in Sin: Flynn taps into the kinkier side of his sensual demon prowess and gives Samuel a special little twirl.


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