Playing Both Sides by David O. Sullivan

Filed under: New Release Jul 27, 2018

Playing Both Sides by David O. Sullivan is now available!


Ken is the product of a severely broken home and a freshman at a local college. He struggles with his sexuality, suspecting he’s bisexual because girls sure turn him on, but so do guys.

Joel is the victim of an abusive childhood. Rescued off the streets by Dio, a wounded war veteran, he’s grown. He’s confident he’s gay, but he’s confused after he meets Danielle and Ken.

Danielle is a confident young woman who has a number of sexual fantasies that include bedding two sexy guys. She winds up with both Ken and Joel, but moves away after the first year of college.

Confused over his love for both Joel and Danielle, Ken grows depressed when he hears Danielle is moving back. With the weight of the world on his shoulders and confusion over whom to love, will he be able to overcome the past to build a future with them both?


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