Love Is in the Script by David O. Sullivan

OUT NOW! Love Is in the Script by David O. Sullivan

London is closing in on thirty and love-starved. He’s a county bus driver and rides his bike to work. One day while riding past a home, he sees a woman fall and goes to help. Her name is Angela, and London is surprised to learn she’s his favorite author of gay erotic stories. She’s welcoming and loving, so unlike his distant parents, and the two become friends.

Joel is Angela’s son and the first openly gay officer in the San Jose Police Department. He visits his mom when she has London over for dinner as a way of saying thanks for saving her. At first Joel distrusts London, but attraction simmers between them.

Both men tend to rush into relationships and bed new lovers, which usually screws things up. So it’s no surprise that, on the first date, they end up in bed together. But London mistakes Joel’s constant clock checking for boredom and leaves, upset. Angela smooths things over, but a chance email sends London running again. Will they be able to overcome his insecurities and make a life together?


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