Letters from the Inside by Wayne Mansfield

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Letters from the Inside by Wayne Mansfield is now available!


Upon arrival at Barton Prison, Julian is processed and taken to a cell occupied by a prisoner named Gordon, who soon becomes his lover. However, six months later, a jealous guard sends Gordon to another wing of the prison, separating the lovers. Not to be deterred, Julian sends a message to Gordon via Lanky, another prisoner, which starts a long correspondence between them.

Through their letters, readers learn more about the two men — their backgrounds, their secrets, their hopes and dreams. The letters reveal the story of two lovers trapped inside a prison, separated from the world outside and from each other.

But prison life is hard. There are bashings and murders. There are corrupt prison officers and violent inmates. How can Julian, who comes from an upper middle-class family and is incarcerated for an accident, hope to survive against such odds, especially when he becomes the target of a particularly corrupt and vicious screw?

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09 Feb. 75


It was so good seeing you in the flesh. You don’t mess around do you? I guess now you’ll be giving your letters in person. We should work out how we’re going to do it. Lots of eyes everywhere. And you looked hot with your little white cook’s cap.

There’s a new screw on A Block. Took a while to replace Gregson, but they finally did it. He’s a tall, wiry, nerdy-looking bastard called Phillips. Quite cute if you overlook the beak on it. I’m keeping an eye on him because sometimes the nerdy ones are the ones you have to be careful of. Donohue’s been taking him for a test run. So far he’s been managing well. Phillips got a bit nervous the first time Donohue confronted him, but that could’ve just been first week jitters. I’ll let you know anything that happens.

Oh and Lolly went arse over tit coming down the stairs from the cells to the rec. room. He was showing off to Donohue and missed the step. So fucking funny. But don’t worry he landed on his head so she wouldn’t have damaged anything. Barry and O’Reilly got a smack in the head from Donohue for laughing. Luckily I was on the other side of the room because I had tears pouring out of my eyes. Stuck up freak. Officer Phillips tried to catch him, but he was too late.

And Brynes got busted for drugs again. They’ve shipped him off to E block. I think that’s where he’s gone. They came and got him two mornings ago. Unlocked the door, came in and told him to get out of bed, pack up his shit and go with them. And I know what you’re thinking. I’m alone with Preston. You know you don’t have to worry. I know him and I have fucked a few times, but you know I thought we were over at the time. I won’t touch him anymore, and after your little ‘discussion’ with him, I’m sure he won’t want to touch me. You have nothing to worry about.

I’m over the moon I get to see you every day now. Please don’t do anything to fuck it up. The list to do kitchen duty must be a mile long.

Love you.


* * * *

12 Feb. 75


Hi babe. Just put your letter under your tray. When you put it down to get served, leave the letter behind. I’ll have it in my pocket before anyone knows it’s there.

It’s Valentine ‘s Day in a couple of days. I’ll have to think of something special for you.

I think I saw your Officer Phillips. I’d watch him. I think you’re right. He looks like a complete dork, but I reckon he’s got a mean streak. Not sure why. Be interesting to see what happens with him. Keep me posted.

Kitchen duty is a breeze. A bit of peeling, some chopping. You get to eat as much as you want when the screws aren’t watching. I’m going to have to work out extra hard to keep the weight off. I want to look good for you.


* * * *

16 Feb. 75


So Valentine’s Day came and went and nothing special from you. I don’t mind. What can you get me in here I can’t get for myself?

I’ve got some gossip. You know how I told you Lolly went arse over tit down the stairs? Remember how I said Officer Phillips tried to grab him? He reckons Officer Phillips pushed him. Apparently he’s been picking on him because of how he looks. You know, like a mutant hooker from Bangkok. But he’s pretty harmless really. The only thing is Phillips has really pissed Donohue off. Might be getting another new screw if Phillips doesn’t back off. Donohue will stitch him up, no worries.


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