Exclusive Excerpt from Incognito by Nanisi Barrett D’Arnuk

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Incognito is the latest book in the Cameron Andrews lesbian romance mystery series, and we have an exclusive excerpt for you!


DEA Operative Cameron Andrews can finally use her Master’s Degree in International Affairs when she’s assigned to help Ambassador John Taylor in Argentina negotiate a trade treaty. But it’s a front for her real objective: extricate the ambassador’s eighteen-year-old son, Tad, from the trouble he is in with the Salavados Cartel and then work with the Argentine authorities to trap the Cartel in a sting.

Since her boss gave her the authority to use any means at her disposal, Cam falls back into a cover she’s used before: the very wealthy and independent Canadian, Laura Stuard.

By playing the headstrong Laura to the hilt, Cameron is invited to the Salavados compound where they make a business proposal to her: use her SeaFarer Cruise Liners to move the drugs to Canada.

It is a dangerous and exhausting game Cameron and Tad are playing, because not all the Salavados brothers are convinced by “Laura Stuard.” Cameron will have to stretch her considerable skills to not get killed during this scheme.


The next morning, Tad slowly walked down the shabby street. The drive across the city wasn’t long because he knew where he was going. He’d parked around the corner and started pacing. Why was he here? He really didn’t need to be. He could just tell her he couldn’t find anything and be done with it. He didn’t need to put himself through all this.

He looked down the street. There wasn’t one building that looked like it would stand up through a driving rain. The old coffee shop in the middle of the block was one of the worst. It was a good camouflage, though. Tad knew that it was more well-built inside, but the outside was in such bad disrepair that it looked like anyone who dared go inside was taking his life into his hands. Who would think this was such an important place in the neighborhood?

How was he going to do this? He paced back and forth, up and down the street. Finally he decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and he started to walk back to his car.

“Hey, Taylor!” he heard. He turned around quickly and found himself facing three very large men. They all towered over him. Of course, he was a slim five ten and one of them must weigh over three hundred pounds.
“Carlos wants to know if you have any money for him,” the shortest man stated.

Tad started to get nervous as two of the men walked in back of him. He didn’t know which man to watch, which way to turn.

“I don’t have the money today,” Tad said, nervously. “I got money coming to me but it’s not here yet. I promise,” he whined, “Carlos is the first one I’ll pay. The only one I’ll pay. All of it. All I owe him!”

“Carlos is getting impatient, kid.” One of the men growled. “I don’t think you want to see him when he’s impatient.”

Tad heard grumbling behind him. “No! No… I’m sorry. The money just isn’t here. It should be here next week.”

“Where is this mystery money coming from?” the third man asked. He stepped a step closer to Tad as a way of intimidation.

“From back home… I got money there that my grandmother left me. I’m just waiting for it.”

“You’re sweating, kid. You’re not lying to us, are you?” All three men seemed to get larger and closer, though they hadn’t really moved.

“No!” Tad pleaded. “I’d never dare lie to you guys. I’m being real honest with you.” Tad was breathing very hard and heavy, almost gasping.

“Why don’t we go tell Carlos that?”  Two of the men grabbed Tad’s arms and pushed him back toward the coffee shop. They might as well have carried him as little as his feet touched the ground,

Once inside, the first man knocked on the office door, then opened it.

“Look what we found in the gutter!” he said. “He was just walking by, as pretty as you please, but he says he doesn’t have any money.”

“Tad Taylor,” the more imposing man said as he stood up. “Why don’t you have any money? You’ve been telling me for weeks that you were going to get money. Where is it? When will it be here?” Carlos looked at the boy. “You know the interest accrues every day you don’t pay. I’ve been very nice to you because you’re the Ambassador’s son but pretty soon, I’m going to have to ask him for my money. Now, I don’t want to cause an International incident but this has gone on long enough. When will I get my money?” Each of his words was strong and clipped.

“Soon, Carlos. Real soon.” Tad felt like he was groveling.

“I’ll give you one more week. If I don’t have my money by next Thursday, someone in your family will be hurting real, real bad. I don’t think you want to see that, do you? Do you understand me?” Carlos’ eyes narrowed as he threatened Tad.

Tad nodded. “I understand.”

“Why are you down here if you don’t have money?” Carlos asked.

“I got a friend who wants some stuff.”

“Does he pay his bills?”

Tad nodded. “She’ll pay right up front. Can I get it for her?”

“If you walk in that door with even one peso, then it’s mine and we’ll deduct it from your bill. If your friend wants something, she’ll have to come get it herself.”

“I understand, Carlos,” Tad said. “I’ll tell her.”

“Is this someone you know?” Carlos asked. “I usually don’t sell to strangers off the street.”

“Yeh, yeh, sure. She’s a friend of the family. I’ve known her for a while,” he lied.

Carlos nodded as he thought it through. “All right. If she wants something, tell her to come get it.”

“I will, Carlos, I’ll get her here this week.”

Carlos just looked into Tad’s face.

Tad shifted from foot to foot under Carlos’ scrutiny. After a few minutes, Carlos looked back at his three men. “Why don’t you take Mr. Taylor out back and give him just a very small sampling of what he’s in for if he doesn’t have my money by next Thursday.”

Two of the men grabbed Tad and forced him out the back door.

He never saw the first punch coming.

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