Exclusive excerpt from Egg Whites and Blue by Jessica Payseur

Egg Whites and Blue by Jessica Payseur is now available, and here’s an exclusive excerpt from the story that you won’t find anywhere else!


Sequel to Shell Shocked

Kiko and Dom are still getting used to settling in with each other, a task made difficult by their conflicting schedules and habits. With Mount Angus’ Knee High 4th of July Festival approaching, they anticipate spending some quality time together again, if only for a weekend.

But the arrival of Kiko’s ex, a well-known chef who seems to be taking interest in him again after a decade, throws up unnecessary tensions. And when Dom stumbles across a body with a pie server in its back, they find themselves drawn into another small-town mystery where the dark secrets of family recipes and a generous serving of danger could very well get them killed.


“So what do we do?” he asked, getting back in the car. Not all of the cool air had left yet; he turned the car back on and pulled out of the space only to back into it again. If Kiko was going to drag his feet, Dom at least wanted to get a line of sight to the door.

“Well, we can’t go in now,” said Kiko, turning to watch a police car pull up to the front of the hotel. Dom didn’t like the sound of that one bit. “I think Sander would try to blame you, regardless what I said. And like it or not, he definitely would be believed over me.”

Kiko let that drop there, the silence so sudden when Dom was expecting more of an analysis from him that he turned to look at the man. Kiko’s face was set in an expression of smoothed-over frustration, like he had grown used to having less sway with people but still hated it. Dom did not know what to say to that, so he reached over and gave Kiko’s knee a squeeze.

“Then we’ll wait. All night if we have to.”

Kiko breathed out in a sound that was nearly a snort.

“For what? Sander’s going to be giving a statement for a while, then he’ll have to move to a new room. Do you really want to break into his room while he’s in there sleeping?”

Dom considered.

“I could be quiet,” he said, giving Kiko’s knee another squeeze. Kiko audibly sighed at that, then stiffened in his seat, eyes fixed on the hotel doors. When Dom turned to look he saw that Sander had exited the building to talk to the police. The chef was gesticulating wildly, indicating himself, the third floor, the parking lot.

“Shit,” muttered Kiko as they turned into the lot, possibly to have a look at Sander’s car. Dom felt Kiko shift under his hand, and then his jaw was grabbed, his head turned forcefully to the side. Kiko’s kiss was hard, demanding, like they had been dropped into the middle of a rough makeout, minus the pawing. Dom couldn’t help but follow where Kiko led, heart jumping to increase its pace.

“Why are we having mouth sex?” he asked around Kiko’s lips, and was rewarded with Kiko’s other hand on the side of his face, tilting him more dramatically into the kiss.

“So Sander doesn’t recognize us,” replied Kiko between biting Dom’s lip and going in for another kiss. He was panting now, leaning so far over into Dom’s seat that Dom was worried one of them might elbow the horn. If secrecy was what they were going for, the horn would definitely blow it. He tried pushing Kiko away.

“Get in the back,” he said. Kiko didn’t wait to be told twice. Dom glanced up before getting out of his door and opening the rear one. He had barely slid onto the seat before Kiko was pulling him over.

“Good idea,” said Kiko, then covered Dom’s mouth with his again.

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