Dreams, Memories, and Reality by Edward Kendrick

OUT NOW! Dreams, Memories, and Reality by Edward Kendrick

Philip lives alone with his dog Barnabas, miles from the nearest mountain town. Late one evening, while he and Barnabas are out running, they are attacked by a very handsome male. Philip shoots him, immediately regrets it, and brings him home to deal with his wounds. Soon he realizes there is something very different about the man, beginning with the fact he is unable to speak or understand English.

Adam is different. Other than recalling his name, Ád-hamh, he has no memories, including why he ended up naked in a cave high in the mountains above Philip’s house. He survived on the blood of animals he kills, until the night Philip finds him and brings him home.

Slowly, Philip teaches Adam about his new life. In the process, he discovers things about Adam that will change both their lives forever.


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