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Here’s a sneak peek at Wednesday’s e-books! We have ebooks by Deirdre O’Dare, Terry O’Reilly, Erin E. Keller, and Wayne Mansfield.

Catastrophe by Deirdre O’Dare
Gay Fantasy Erotic Romance, 18,430 words — $2.99
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Although veterinary technician Carlton is violently allergic to cats, he loves them with an undying passion, enough to tolerate miserable symptoms to keep working with the felines in the San Maribal Zoo. The cheetahs especially fascinate him. Then he meets a mysterious stranger who is evasive about why he’s in the zoo — nude and after hours! This man tells Carl there’s a cat inside him wanting to get out. That sounds really crazy, and the suggested way to make it happen even crazier … but exciting.

Zyl is a member of the ancient shifter tribe, or Were-Kind. His people are working to enforce humane treatment of animals and save endangered species. Hearing of a planned raid by an extreme animal rights group to free the denizens of zoos, they realize this will a real catastrophe. Joining forces with regular humans to avert the problem will mean “coming out” as the powerful beings they are. Again, a potential disaster.

Attracted to Carlton against his better judgment, Zyl teams up with the vet tech he meets under awkward circumstances only to discover a valuable ally and a soul mate.

Go to Him by Terry O’Reilly
Gay Romance, 5,528 words — $1.99
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Twenty years ago, Trent Hardy and Dean Pennington were on the brink of a loving relationship. Then Dean’s family suddenly whisked him half-way around the world.

For a time the two tried to maintain contact, but life intervened, and they lost touch. Though he’d not heard from Dean in years, Trent still continued to hope.

Following a vivid dream in which a voice repeatedly instructs Trent to Go to him, Trent is led back to Dean, who is delighted their love has survived the long separation.

But is all as it seems? Can Trent hold onto Dean this time, or is it too late?

Never Give Up on Love Box Set by Erin E. Keller
Gay Erotic Romance Box Set, 80,490 words — $5.99
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Erin E. Keller’s three best-selling gay romance stories in one box set! Contains the stories:

Elias: Thomas Doyle and Elias Byrne couldn’t be more different. A loner cop and a tough kid with a very hard life and a history of violence. Elias makes his way through Thomas’ life with no regards for rules and roles. He wants Thomas, he wants to be seen. Accepted. Even if he doesn’t know how to reciprocate. Their story has the potential to crash them both, especially when Elias’ life gets in the way.

His Scar: A car wreck leaves Ryan with a facial scar he believes people find unsightly. But not Sean, a smiling tattoo artist who doesn’t judge a book by its cover. But convincing Ryan to open his heart is proving to be quite a challenge. When someone from Ryan’s past offers him what he wants most in the world, Ryan has a decision to make. Which voice will he listen to — his heart or his head?

Silent Night While dressed as Santa Claus, Pete meets Lucas, a deaf-mute living on the streets. When Lucas is attacked and robbed, it gives Pete the opportunity to invite him home for Christmas. But can they live together long-term? Will Lucas’s bid for independence break their hearts or bring them to deeper understanding?

The Kiss by Wayne Mansfield
Gay Romance, 2,129 words — 99¢
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Who says love is only for the young and handsome? Everett Peterson and his life partner Charles would beg to disagree. After meeting in 1947, they are now in their twilight years, still together and still very much in love.

However, on this particular night, Everett is agitated. He has discovered Charles lying still on the carpet beside the bed. The nurse on duty at the retirement village has been called. She in turn has called an ambulance. In the anxious moment before help arrives, the nurse tries to calm Everett, but he cannot be pacified. He knows well that at their age, anything could happen. And that thought terrifies him.

Will the ambulance arrive in time? And if not, how will Everett cope with being alone after a life-time with Charles.

Note: This short story was originally published in the charity collection, Love Is Proud.