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Lawfully Wed by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Lawfully Wed by Shawn Lane

Edgar Lopez and Scott O’Hara from Shawn Lane’s best-selling story Unobtainable are back! The duo are long time partners in the Haydon Cliff Police Department’s homicide division. And romantic partners as well. But now, even though they know it will split them up in the department, they want to take their relationship to the next level … marriage.

Planning a wedding ends up being more complicated and costly then Edgar imagined, until his mother proposes the perfect solution, her backyard. With Scott on board with the wedding plans and the honeymoon cruise, it’s only a matter of time before the now former partners are Lawfully Wed.


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Keenan’s Forever Love by Terry O’Reilly

OUT NOW! Keenan’s Forever Love by Terry O’Reilly

Keenan Hunter, a naïve farm boy, quickly falls for his college roommate, Tucker Reynolds, a more sophisticated city slicker. For a time, Keenan’s feelings for Tucker appear to be reciprocated, although neither man openly expresses any feelings they may have for the other.

For reasons Keenan can’t understand, Tucker starts to date Jane Williams, a fellow student. Keenan deals with the pain of rejection by finding another man to love. But time and again, this proves unsuccessful. Tucker has captured Keenan’s heart and no one else can match the forever love Keenan thought he had with Tucker.

When Tucker marries Jane, he asks Keenan to be his best man. Keenan reluctantly agrees and performs his duties, all the while hiding the pain of his broken heart. The experience leaves Keenan with a life-long aversion to weddings.

Years pass and the two men drift apart. Keenan becomes the head veterinarian at an animal rescue center. And because of a three-legged Yorkshire terrier, Tucker comes back into Keenan’s life. Circumstances have changed for Tucker. Will these changes finally allow Keenan to regain his forever love? Maybe weddings aren’t so bad after all.


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Heart of a Wanderer by Shawn Lane

OUT NOW! Heart of a Wanderer by Shawn Lane

Jordan Friedman bought a depilated beach house in Haydon Cliff looking to fix it up for his future. A future he hopes includes new boyfriend, Lexy Wanderer. Lexy has all kinds of secrets, including what his real name is, but Jordan’s willing to wait for the whole story.

Working on his beach house during a storm, Jordan loses track of time on Valentine’s Day when he and Lexy have dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant. When Lexy shows up with an impromptu Valentine’s Dinner to be had at the beach house, it turns into the perfect evening to declare his heart.


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Flawed by Iyana Jenna

OUT NOW! Flawed by Iyana Jenna

Alex Nathaniel is a bouncy, gorgeous model. One day he gets a chance to have a photoshoot with famous model Jake Lawrence. Lawrence is like a Greek god with his sculpted jaw and muscled chest, and to say that Alex is excited is an understatement.

This news, however, doesn’t sit well with Jayden, Alex’s boyfriend. Jealousy fills his heart, but he’s curious, too. He browses the internet for Lawrence, which makes him even more intrigued by the man.

What happens to Alex when Jayden’s curiosity turns more serious?


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Getting a Mate in Four Easy Steps by Casper Graham

OUT NOW! Getting a Mate in Four Easy Steps by Casper Graham

Percy Watts is a successful omega entrepreneur who works in the entertainment industry. In spite of his success, he’s still an omega in a world dominated by alphas and betas. He’s tired of being groped and figures he needs an alpha to protect him, but he doesn’t count on finding two incredible alphas at the auction house.

Rohan Adams is an alpha who joins the auction house out of sheer desperation. He’s already working two different jobs and earns barely enough money to survive.

Alpha Diego Lawson holds a steady job as a librarian in the research department but dreams of opening his own café someday. His best friend suggests he join the alpha auction house.

As the highest bidder, Percy secures the services of both alphas as bodyguards. But things escalate when he receives yet another threatening letter from an alpha who seems to be obsessed with him.

Can Rohan and Diego keep Percy safe while they try to navigate their blossoming relationship?


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