The Dust Fields of Underburb by Leon Mauvais

The Dust Fields of Underburb by Leon Mauvais is now available!

In a world where hip-hop is life, you’re only as vital as your last track.

Mar’Bo, a young songster, lives in Master T’s harem of skerrters. There’s only one house rule — keep the music flowing.

Mar’Bo’s been suffering from writer’s block for weeks. Master T is owed a melody and he’s come to collect. What do you do when you’ve lost the beat?


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Coming Saturday, February 2

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s e-books! We have ebooks by David O. Sullivan, Shawn Lane, L.A. Bryce, Casper Graham, K.L. Noone, and L.J. Hamlin.

First Lover by David O. Sullivan
Gay Interracial Romance, 10,462 words — $1.99
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Ian is hampered by his conservative upbringing and denies his gayness. When he goes to a business seminar with sexy Jordan, they really hit it off, but while Jordan admits he’s gay, Ian denies it. Still, things heat up between them at the seminar and beyond. But Ian’s parents aren’t ready to accept their son for who he is. When a fire leaves him homeless with nowhere to turn, Jordan’s the only one he can turn to. Will Ian ever overcome his upbringing to find happiness with the man he loves?

Getting Wade by Shawn Lane
Gay Erotic Romance, 4,996 words — 99¢
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Wade and Neal have always been friends. Just friends. They grew up together. Wade has always disliked Neal’s choice in boyfriends, though he never analyzes why, and when the latest turns out to be a cheating jerk, it’s Wade to the rescue. This time when Wade rescues him, Neal decides to take a chance at getting Wade.

In His Sights by L.A. Bryce
Gay Erotic Romance, 104,208 words — $6.99
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Noah is gay and terrified someone might find out. So much so that when he was blackmailed with pictures of himself with another man, instead of coming clean, he left his SEAL team without a word. The other man is openly gay Mason, a former Marine and now part of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task force. It takes eight years after their first meeting in the desert for a chance event bring the two men together again. Now Noah must decide if he’s ready to accept who he is or if it’s easier to cut and run. Can they navigate the obstacles in their path to build a relationship? And why does the thought of that scare them more than investigating a group of terrorists?

Lunar New Love by Casper Graham
Gay Erotic Romance, 39,183 words — $3.99
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Vincent Yang and Anthony Lim meet a couple of weeks before Lunar New Year. They’re instantly attracted to each other. However, their individual relationships with their respective families are already strained enough because of their sexual orientation. Will Vincent and Anthony’s burgeoning romantic relationship survive the disapproval of their families?

Snowed In: Kit and Harry by K.L. Noone
Gay Paranormal Historical Erotic Romance, 30,463 words — $3.99
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Someone or something is causing magical blizzards at Fairleigh Hall. Constable Kit Thompson is to investigate. The Earl’s brother, Harry Arden, wants to help, but he’s an irritating temptation. The estate hides a family secret. When they end up snowed in together at the old hunting lodge, they’ll learn to trust each other with their secrets … and their hearts.

Snowed In: Zack and Richard by L.J. Hamlin
Gay Erotic Romance, 12,156 words — $2.99
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Recently divorced Zack is piqued when he meets his gorgeous neighbour, Richard. As Zack is a city boy, he’s completely unprepared for winter in a small town in the country. When a severe snowstorm takes out the power, Richard invites him over. Cut off from the rest of the world, will the two men become more than friends and neighbours?

Snowed In: Matt and Jens by Gordon Phillips

Snowed In: Matt and Jens by Gordon Phillips is now available!

Handsome detective Jens barely escapes with his life in the course of his work and has no choice but to land his damaged Cessna at an abandoned airport. Suffering from snow blindness and ill equipped to survive arctic conditions, he collapses at the entrance of an occupied building. Rescued and attended to by the sole occupant, Jens recovers, and is ready to unravel the mysteries surrounding his rescuer.

Maintenance worker Matt found escape from a world full of pain and rejection at the closed arctic airport. He nurses Jens back to health, eager to set him on his way again. When an unexpected blizzard forces Jens to stay, is Matt clearly uncomfortable at the development. Strongly attracted to Jens, however, Matt slowly opens up and reveals his painful secrets, all except the most dangerous one … a secret that threatens to destroy their fragile relationship.

With Jens’ assistance, will Matt be able to finally overcome the pain that drove him to his separation from society, resulting in a lonely existence? How will Matt’s dark secret influence their lives? Will it destroy Jens’s career, or will it draw them closer together?


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Snowed In: Goose and Patrick by David Connor and E.F. Mulder

Snowed In: Goose and Patrick by David Connor and E.F. Mulder is now available!

Sequel to Ghost Writer

As Goose continues to obsess about the spirits of Jefferson and Calvin, the Civil War soldiers he helped cross over, he also tries to heal from his own past in order to build a relationship with Patrick, the man he’s recently met in the flesh.

Snowed in at the huge box store where he works, Goose is happy when Patrick turns up and gets trapped there with him. Using the store as their toy box, they enjoy a night of childish games and sexy adult fun that helps them bond. Goose and Patrick also take another trip back in time, or possibly somewhere more ethereal, to discover if Jefferson and Calvin found their happily ever after.

Can each pair — one from this century and one in the past — help each other explore their budding relationships and fall in love?


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Polar Opposites by Cheyenne Meadows

Polar Opposites by Cheyenne Meadows is now available!

Donovan is the new guy in town, a polar shifter, harboring a big secret. He’s a big city bear who moved to the tiny town of Forgotten, Wyoming, in hopes of finding peace. What he finds is poison ivy and angry wasps.

TJ, a grizzly shifter, is the local doctor with a past. He’s found a home in the country, but lacks happiness and a sense of belonging. The fact that he’s in the midst of his natural mating season doesn’t help in the least. The moment Donovan enters TJ’s clinic, sparks fly. TJ is determined to resist the temptation that is Donovan, but his inner bear and Donovan have other ideas.

When a hunter starts going after shifters and a blast from Donovan’s past show up for revenge, things get hot. But not as hot as the attraction between Donovan and TJ. If they can pull together and survive, they just might discover that, while they might be polar opposites, sometimes opposites do attract.


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